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Class Notes

Rita Hayes Evans and her husband, Arnold, made a special trip to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to see their great-grand niece. Their son Bob is about to complete 20 years in the reserves and has not been deployed overseas yet.

Beverly Proctor Boyer's son supervised the installation of a wood floor at her condo, which was given to her as a birthday present. She said he also did many little odd jobs to spruce the place up for her.

Margaret Rhoades Bost sent a collection of photos showing all the special events of summer 2009 that she enjoyed, such as a trips to the Grand Canyon, Mount Saint Helens, and her surprise 80th birthday party last spring.

Martha Bassett Sargent enjoys news about the College through Keene State Today and letters from classmate Norma Walker. She and Dick are planning to attend the 60th reunion in 2011.

Eleanor Drowne Banfill is proud of her grandchildren and their accomplishments. Her daughter Sherry organized a surprise 80th birthday party for her last June.

Marilyn Wilcox moved to The Villages in Florida. She enjoys it, but she misses New Hampshire.

Barbra Sullivan Brooks is the proud owner of a one-and-half-year-old "terror of a terrier."

Nina Krochmal Witham and Bob enjoyed the 100th celebration of KSC. They stayed in Fiske Hall, which brought back memories of their college days. Nina and Bob are still doing house repairs in Maine but are really looking forward to being beach bums on Marco Island for a few weeks this winter.

Joan Greeley Simpson sent a photo of the snow that had piled up on their deck. She and Forest decided to stay in New Hampshire for another winter. It is nice to have Joan and Forest at the Golden Circle luncheons each summer.

Pauline Bullard Brown and Clayton stayed up North this winter. Clayton wanted to play in the snow.

Paula Burt Dundas recently lost her husband. Ray taught at Keene High School for a number of years.

Anne Kingston Loebel spends six months at her home in Holland, Michigan, and six months in Green Valley, Arizona. She sent a picture of her lovely dining room that looks out onto a beautiful patio.

Grace MacNevin Chandler '52 and Norma Walker were invited to the 40th celebration of women's basketball at KSC. Each decade was lead into the gym by a cheerleader and those who had played were introduced. Grace and Norma were the only ones from the '50s.

Our deepest sympathy goes to Charlie Plimpton and his family with the passing of Lois '54 in December. Lois was an outstanding educator, a devoted wife and mother, and a friend to many people. She will be missed.

Gail Broome, the daughter of classmate Claude Dollar, says her dad passed in late 2009. He is another one who will not be with us in 2011 to celebrate our 60th. Our sympathy goes out to Claude's family.


From Irene DiMeco Parent: We are very sorry to hear of the death of classmate Philip Hyde, who died Feb. 23, 2010. We remember Phil as a great athlete; he won 13 varsity letters. He was also a teacher for many years. He was married for 55 years to Frances Volkamann and they lived in Rye, New Hampshire. They had three children and many grandchildren. Our condolences go out to his family.

Winnie Woodbury Langtry writes: "In April 2010, I joined a team from the First Congregational Church in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, on a weeklong Journey to Biloxi, Mississippi, to assist in cleanup after Hurricane Katrina. It was almost five years ago, but much of the area is still in desperate need of aide, clean up, rebuilding homes, and working in community kitchens. A fund-raiser was held, and friends of mine donated money in memory of my husband, Robert Langtry, another member of our class, who served in nine churches in the 41 years that he was pastor. Bruce and Irene Parent and Don Carle came and said they had a wonderful time.

"We have a program at that links seniors from Slussher Senior Center with seniors from Hopkinton High School. They share pen-pal letters, emails, and other activities, and it's fun to share information with young people. I went to a basketball game to see two of my pen-pals play. The girls make me feel appreciated when I cheer for them. It was fun."

IN MEMORIAM: Leo A. Bilodeau '52
January 9, 2010
Moultonborough, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Philip Hyde '52
February 23, 2010


Esther Joslin Copp lives in Florida with her son Dexter. She has 16 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Her family is very active.


D. Patricia Perry works part time at an antiques shop called Arnold's Antiques in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. She invites alum to come for a visit.

Damon Russell is serving on his local school board.


IN MEMORIAM: Mildred Ingalls Kittredge '56
April 1, 2010
Bradford, NH


From Cynthia Thompson Doten: "Last November, my husband, Harry, and I went to the Grand Canyon, mainly because he enjoys photography. Harry had been principal/superintendent of a BIA school in the bottom of the Grand Canyon from 1991-94 at Supai, Arizona, on the Havasupai Reservation. I took a year leave of absence in 1992-93 from my Tucson reading specialist job to teach there, too. How strange we had been in the area so long and never made the relatively short trip to the National Park on the south rim.

"Driving from our Tucson home, we stayed at Yavapai Lodge. The next morning, we got up early and dressed in many layers for 35 degrees. We drove to Mather Point for the sunrise. Busses were already loading to leave. During our four-night stay, we saw almost everything. We had a wonderful time with mostly sunny weather. Mission accomplished! We now have framed photos on our walls with memories of a wonderful relaxing trip with off-season prices!"

Mary Lou Stevens LaCoste came to Florida to visit Cynthia and John Faust in March. The weather finally cooperated and warmed up.

Cynthia Faust has been having fun talking to grandchildren on Skype with her webcam. She also has been in touch with Margie and Ed Briggs and Cynthia Doten. It's such fun to see and talk to friends. She writes: "Would love to hear from other classmates, too. If anyone is in the Keene area, be sure to stop in and see the Centennial Clock and the new Alumni Center. Donations for our class are still being accepted toward something for the Alumni Center. Be sure to state that when you send your donation."

Mary Minkler is a volunteer in a third-grade classroom. She traveled to South Africa in 2008. She's active in helping people in her community as a driver, shopper, and cleaner, among other things.


Robert Bellavance retired in 1992 after 35 years of service.

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