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Class Notes

Bob "Lefty" Joy says every day is a holiday at his house! Last fall he traveled more than 5,000 miles to watch his two oldest grandsons play soccer for Plymouth State.

Sandy Perron Panzieri and her husband, Bill '62, still own and run the 1900 House Bed & Breakfast at Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island. She has retired three times but still continues full-time as a school counselor.

Sid Gove is currently writing his second book of poems.

Irene Plourde enjoyed six days in Italy followed by a 16-day cruise.

Jackie Bernard Coolidge serves as an international travel specialist and has traveled to more than 100 countries! In mid-December she returned from a trip to India.

From Gail Sheldon: "I'm hoping to see many classmates at our 50th reunion in June! I've discovered some great things about our class, including these facts: Three of us have grandchildren graduating in May (any others?) ... one is a head deacon ... one is selling real estate ... some are kayaking, golfing, throwing darts, exercising, hiking Colorado trails ... one is a volunteer driver for the Cancer Society's Road to Recovery ... one is an instructor at the University of Maine ... some are teaching piano ... one attended the International Babe Ruth Board Meeting in Florida ... one is a special ed tutor .... Hope you will respond to our class mailing and let us know all about you!"


Nancy Fessenden enjoyed a tour of Ireland in September 2009 to celebrate her 70th birthday.


Don Mackey founded Farmington (CT) Antiques Weekends. He sold the rights to the shows in 1990. He now spends summers in New Hampshire and winters in Florida.

IN MEMORIAM: Norma Croteau Nelson '62
July 20, 2009
Keene, NH


Jean Sweeney writes: "Concord High School had their 50th reunion in October. Patty Hannaford, Virginia Young, Bill Gordon, and I were in attendance. The high school class paid respects to our deceased members, who included Judy Mitchell. My travel group has decided to go on a river cruise of the Danube."

From David Whitham: "Laconia High School celebrated their 50th reunion in September. Keene Teacher's College 1963 alumni or former students who attended included Patti Plante Zamianek, Linda McLaughlin Tate and Michael, David Witham and Marlene Childs, Virginia Mastine McConnell, Nancy Cashin Edwards, and Lela Smith Corbin."

Phyllis Woodward sent this update: "This is my fifth year working with Oakland Unified School District with a program called Community Immersion Program with young adult handicapped students ages 18 to 22. I'm doing a special silk painting project with the students one day a week, making scarves, wall hangings, and table runners for a fund-raiser. Other days, I teach life skills, a paraprofessional position that allows me summers off and a break between semesters to travel. This January I'll be traveling in Thailand and Burma with my life partner, Daniel."

Patricia Hannaford Shearon was back in New Hampshire for a reunion and visited Keene State. She was thrilled with the campus.

IN MEMORIAM: Richard Rouse '63
December 1, 2009
Hudson, MA


Virginia Brackett enjoys traveling whenever it's possible. In the past, she's been to Australia, Iceland, and Finland.

Paul Rondinone retired after teaching music for 44 years.

Nancy Tate is enjoying retirement and spending time with her family.

Ruth Ford has 28 grandchildren. She is raising money for a homeless shelter for pregnant women called New Generation.


Carol Lanza Sierk went to Israel for the third time last year, with an extension to Egypt. She visited the Moses "stuff" and some tourist attractions, too. She bought her retirement home close to grandchildren but still has another two years as a pastor.

IN MEMORIAM: Edward Perrin '65
August 28, 2009
Tilton, NH


IN MEMORIAM: Peter Pellenz '67
August 1, 2009
Portland, ME

IN MEMORIAM: Gregory Ramsdell '67
November 30, 2009
Vernon, CT


Jan Temple Metoxen writes: "I received several responses to the letter I sent out, but would like to hear from more of you. If you haven't written yet, please send me an e-mail so college friends can be updated on what you've been doing. Also, if you know the addresses of any of the missing classmates, please send them along to the Alumni Office.

"I received a long letter from Bob Baines. He and his wife, Maureen, are living in New Hampshire and have just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. They have three children: a daughter Christina, who is a KSC graduate; a son Tim, who graduated from Southern New Hampshire University; and a daughter Catherine, who also graduated from KSC. Bob has two grandchildren: Jacob, age 5, and Lucas, age 2. Bob says that being a grandfather is the best job he has ever had! After graduating from Keene, Bob taught music at Alvirne High School in Hudson for nine years and served as the director of fine arts for the Hudson School District. He then went on to become the assistant principal at Alvirne. He left to become the principal of Manchester High School West. He was elected mayor of Manchester in 1999 and served until 2006. He then went to Southern New Hampshire University where he was the executive-in-residence and taught political science. In 2007, Bob became the president of Chester College of New England in Chester. He and his wife recently went to Taiwan, as Chester College is establishing a relationship with Taiwan for student and faculty educational opportunities.

"Mike Clemons would like to hear from friends at his e-mail address: Mike has been married to his wife, Jane, for 43 years. He retired from Manchester Central High in 2008 after being head of the Social Studies Department and then an assistant principal. He says that politics is a family passion. He is currently the Hillsborough County Commissioner. He previously served two terms as a member of the Nashua Board of Education. His wife has been a representative in the New Hampshire House since 1990. His youngest son, Ben, is an alderman in Nashua. His second son, Nick, ran Hillary Clinton's campaign for president during the New Hampshire primary and is presently working for the mayor of San Francisco. His oldest son made a short run for U.S. Congress in 2006. Recently, they have taken up RVing. Last year, they took their two granddaughters to the Kentucky Derby.

"John Collins and his wife purchased a large motor home and are part of the snowbird migration. Now they hit the road in October and return to Maine in May. This year they are in Sebring, Florida. They travel with their two dogs.

"Jim Hicks and his wife, Peggy, are still farming in central Illinois, with 200 acres of certified organic crops. They have one daughter, Emmy, who is finishing up her doctorate in violin performance. Every year they get back to New England to visit family on the coast of Maine, where they keep a sailboat. When they have free time, they stay busy calling and playing music for old time dances in the area. Peggy plays the piano, Jim the guitar, and Emmy the fiddle.

"After a tour of Vietnam, Richard Holmes spent the next 32 years teaching in Pelham, New Hampshire. He is now retired and spends much of his time writing. This August, History Press published his sixth book of history, The Road to Derry. Richard is the chair of Derry's Heritage Commission and director of the town's museum. He and his wife have two children and three grandchildren.

"Richard Mehlhorn and his wife, Betty Ann Dickinson Mehlhorn, have lived in Merrimack for more than 40 years. They are both retired from education and enjoying it. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. Their families live in Goffstown, New Hampshire, which is Dick's hometown. Dick is an avid mountain biker and downhill skier, and Betty has taken up knitting. They keep very busy with their active family and enjoy reading.

"Norman Tardif was on the missing list, but I tracked him down on Facebook. Norm and his wife, Kate, live in Wells Beach, Maine, from June to October and then Naples, Florida, from October to June. He is president of Northshore International Insurance Services Inc., a company he cofounded with three partners 20 years ago. It is headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, and is a claims management, audit, and consulting company whose clients are foreign insurers and reinsurers.

"Jean Saunders Duling wrote that she and her husband, Wes, have been married 42 years. They have retired from teaching in Maine and now live half of the year in Florida. Wes works as a handy man and she works at a country club. Jean also writes and created a coloring book entitled Marco Island from A-Z. She hopes to republished her first book of poetry as a teaching test. Jean and Wes have two children, Lisa and Bob, and two granddaughters, Maisy and Emma. Jean says that they have such fond memories of Keene and would love to hear from any old friends.

"Dorothy Riley is living in Fairfield, Idaho. Dorothy is single and retired from teaching. She has been keeping busy with traveling and hopes to make it to England soon. She says she'd like to hear the native English language and visit Paul McCartney's music school. She enjoys skiing (down hill and cross country) and gardening. Dorothy also does knitting, crocheting, and some bead work. She is working on developing a pattern book for beginners. She recently took a course in writing children's books and would love to make it back for the KSC Children's Literature Festival in the fall.

"A group of us who lived at Costin House recently spent a weekend in Keene and had lunch with Dave Costin '56 and his wife, Claire '71. We took a tour of the campus and had lunch in the new dining commons. It was a fun weekend. I'd love to hear from other girls who lived at Costin House. These are the three who joined me for lunch that day:

"Trisha Dow Farrell has been married to her husband, Bob, for 35 years and lives in Winslow, Maine. They have two daughters: Kathleen, age 33, who lives in Warner, New Hampshire, and is a sociology professor at Colby-Sawyer, and Kelly, age 30, who lives in San Diego, and works in social work. Trish works in a program for children with autism and looks forward to retiring in a few years.

"Holly Davis Smith is married and living in Canton, Massachusetts. She teaches learning-disabled students in grades K-8 at a Montessori school. Holly has two daughters: Heather, age 33, who is a doctor specializing in OBGYN, and Fallyn, age 26, who is in San Deigo finishing her master's degree in social work. Holly enjoys golfing and oil painting.

"Gail Martin Hatem is married and lives in Clifton, New Jersey. She works for the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. She teaches Braille to school-age children and also works with deaf and blind children under the age of three. Gail has two daughters: Kate, age 32, who lives in Pennsylvania and works in the toy industry, and Emily, age 30, who lives in Texas and works in an ad agency. Gail enjoys reading, gardening, and watching sunsets at the shore in her free time."

Janet Hughgill retired from teaching after 35 years. She is now a snowbird living in Florida from January to March.

Ronn Cabaniol is writing a novel.


Janet Ouellette is learning to sew and speak French. She also joined a writing group and volunteers.

Lorraine Savastaro is retired from the army. She lives in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and volunteers at a literacy center, teaching reading to adults.

Donald Boxer traveled across the country in summer 2009. He winters in Florida and spends summer in New Hampshire.

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