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Class Notes

Many thanks to Flora Ide Perkins of Georgia for the letter she wrote to her classmates telling them about Reunion '10 when they will be celebrating 80 years since they graduated from Keene Normal School. It would be a joy to have Flora and her classmates with us in June.

Doris Thompson celebrated her 101st birthday in September. She is in good health and likes to talk about the old days at Keene.


Harriet Richardson Ames was presented a bouquet of red carnations and at the Golden Circle luncheon held at Havenwood. She held the honor of graduating before the rest of us.


IN MEMORIAM: Edith Fletcher Tourtellot '32
May 22, 2009
Holden, MA


Before the Theatre and Dance Department performed the play Eleemosynary on October 22, 2009, Esther McCarthy Noseck, her daughter Barbara Gendron '63, and granddaughter Susan Hodgkins '85 presented their views on life as women on the Keene campus when they were students. Their views were an interesting supplement to the play, which examines the constraints placed upon three generations of women seeking advanced education from the early 20th century through the 1980s.


Barbara Auderer Goodridge, a resident of Havenwood, still attends the Golden Circle luncheons held there. She was at the first afternoon gathering held back in 1996. Barbara was the one who suggested we go to lunch at the Cat 'n' Fiddle. Thank you, Barbara, for this idea because it has brought many alumni back to reconnect with KSC.

Ida Skinner lives alone, but her oldest son visits every month to take her to appointments.


Many thanks to Alberta Cushing Patch-Slegaitis for the lovely letter she wrote to her classmates regarding Reunion '10 when her class will be celebrating 75 years. "B" attended her 70th only five years ago, and she writes that she might join us in 2010. We'd love to have her with us.

IN MEMORIAM: Jeanette Saigh '35
December 7, 2009
Manchester, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Mary Theresa Bemis Stevenson '35
December 31, 2006
Mobile, AL


Ferne Coffin Fogg is recovering from burns on her legs. She still helps her daughter with housework and walks the dog. Ferne sends lovely descriptions of the things she sees on these walks via e-mail. Bernice Bookstorm Miller was unable to join the Keene group for lunch at Havenwood in Concord due to health problems.

Velma Smith spends the winter with her daughter Martha in Maine.


Two faithful Keene Normal School alumna, Dorid Delaware Piper and Blanche "Scottie" Bean Smith, joined Kay MacLean, assistant alumni director, and Norma Wright Walker '51 at the annual Golden Circle gathering held at Havenwood.


Ruth "Bunny" Berry Dodge and her husband, Cap, joined more than 40 alumni for lunch at Warren's Lobster House, in Kittery, Maine. Bunny was recognized with a gift for graduating before the other Alumni present. She and Cap have moved to Havenwood for the winter months. Sean Gillery '89 and Kay MacLean assisted Norma Wright Walker '51 in welcoming alumni to the luncheon.

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