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Deborah B. Wilton is residing in East Hampton, CT, with her husband and their two Border Collies. She teaches preschool special education. "Life is wonderful, and I often reflect on my days at KSC. Would love to hear from old friends!"


IN MEMORIAM: Raymond Ash Jr. '84
August 19, 2009
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey


Victoria Blodgett M'90 writes: "After 15 years at Cornell in wonderful Ithaca, NY, I am now at Yale University as the director of graduate career services. Happily partnered, we share the house with two big dogs, cats, and whoever else is passing along. If you're in Connecticut, look me up."


Jay Hogg writes: "My new position as an Army aviation brigade safety officer is bringing me to Iraq for the first time. It should be fun, but not as exciting as the two tours I've served in Afghanistan, I'm sure. I'm still a CW4, flying AH-64D Longbows in addition to my other duties. On the home front, I'm still stationed in Germany with my wife, Bridgette, and three children."


From Jeff LaValley: "The Alumni Office is renewing efforts to keep a constant stream of information flowing between alumni and the College, as well as between classmates. I encourage each of you to contact Sue or myself with changes in occupation, family status (marriages, children, grandchildren, etc.), new addresses, vacations, continuing education, professional development, awards or honors, or any other news you believe classmates would enjoy reading. And I encourage you to join our official class group on Facebook. Search for Keene State Class of 1988 and join us!

"Here's to a prosperous 2010! Please do stay in touch and send news our way. We look forward to hearing from you."


Jacqueline Hoffman Derby, Ph.D., was selected to give a presentation in Washington DC, in July at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC). The title of the presentation was "Second Life: What Type of Professional Development Is Available?" Several hundred people in attendance at the presentation and online attendees had the opportunity to learn more about second life as a professional development tool and how second life can be used to increase collaboration on a global level. Dr. Derby also had a research article on the same topic in Texas Business and Technology Educators Association Journal in August 2009. The article explains the results of a research study she conducted and is titled "A Study of Rural Teachers Taking Part in Informal Professional Development Using the Virtual World Second Life."

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