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Class Notes

From Gail Spevack Sheldon: "I recently heard of the passing of Joyce Croumie Bryant in March 2009 [listed in the fall 2009 issue of KST]. Joyce was a commuter while a student, a faithful responder to my questionnaires, and often a reunion attendee. She taught language arts in the Peterborough Middle School until retirement and then volunteered there. She wrote of living in Jaffrey, and her husband Bob, two daughters, and five grandchildren. She was deeply involved with Cheshire County YMCA and was a group leader of their American Heritage tours to Washington, DC; Pennsylvania; and Virginia. A flag was flown over the Capitol Building in Washington in her honor because of her 20-year involvement with Heritage tours. She was twice selected to Who's Who Among America's Teachers.

"Hopefully when you read this, you will have received info about our upcoming 50th. If you haven't, please contact a committee member and/or a classmate and come to Keene June 4, 5, and 6."

Laura Gurney Messier is still singing songs at Girl Scout day camps and when she substitute teaches. She travels each summer to a Babe Ruth World Series with her husband who is a tournament director.

Winifred McCarthy Baldassaro is retired and enjoying 10 grandchildren.

Ruth Harris Haynes retired from teaching in 2001. She has been in real estate for 15 years. She enjoys midweek kayaking and downhill skiing. Her children and grandchildren live in the area and like swimming at her home on Wilson Pond. She is serving as treasurer of the Monadnock Region Board of Realtors and as head deacon of Sullivan United Church.


Paul F. Silva and his wife, Brenda Parker Silva '61, are celebrating 40 years in business.

Paul F. Silva and his wife, Brenda Parker Silva '61, are celebrating 40 years in business.


Barbara Williams Sheperd now lives on a small northern Vermont lake, but she has made an impact. At Keene, Barbara majored in home economics. She went on to obtain a master's degree in counseling from Antioch University and completed a 30-year career as a high school counselor, retiring from Essex (VT) High School in 2004. She is a published author and a vocalist with a select choral ensemble called Northsong, and was a soloist with the Vermont Philharmonic last year. Her other joys are three grandchildren, exercise, photography, and genealogy.


Bill Doolan writes: "The thing I enjoyed most [about reunion] was the opportunity to renew acquaintances with classmates and other alumni. I was impressed with all the exciting things people had done since we left Keene. The other thing that impressed me was how the College has grown. The campus is impressive. During the reunion, I remember Ken Morris riding all around campus on his private golf cart."

From Vinnie Blandini: "It was a pleasure meeting all those who attended the reunion. Because I was a transfer student and not able to room on campus, I did not have the opportunity to develop friendships with many of the students from our class. It was a good feeling to spend some time with classmates I may have had only casual interactions with while at Keene. I look back at my time at Keene State as some of the best years of my life. I still have a close friendship with fellow ski team members. We have kept in touch often through these many years.

"It was suggested that the 10 people who attended the reunion contact five classmates for the 50th reunion. As I drove back to Wolfeboro, I thought of an idea. If the names and addresses of every classmate were printed and sent to everyone in the class with the request that they contact X number from the class, the whole class would have the names and addresses of people they may have thought about for years. Everyone could contact old friends. Thanks again for helping to make the 45th reunion a pleasant experience for me."

Ken Morris writes: "I had a great time at the reunion and enjoyed being there early to meet the staff and workers behind the whole reunion affair. We need to donate something to the College from our entire class for the 50th reunion. I was interviewed by the good doctor who did the 100th centennial movie. He interviewed me for about three hours on tape. I enjoyed seeing and being with everyone this past reunion. We may have been a small group, but we had a lot of oomph!"

From Elaine Brandon: "I had a wonderful weekend at our reunion. How do we get our classmates to attend? Many did not come to the Centennial events and most still live in New Hampshire. We can keep trying to think of ideas. Since then, I have become more involved with the Derby Historical Society sponsorship program to raise money for our educational programs. Visit and go to Monday, July 20, to see me in my 1762 costume. We have started to make a profit!"


IN MEMORIAM: Judith Whittum '66
August 11, 2009
Laconia, New Hampshire


Freida Garland Atwood writes: "I keep looking for our class members or even one class member in the class notes. We as a class seem like such slackers in the info department that I am sending in some news about myself. Maybe we can get something going. Here is my short story. I have lived and taught on three continents and one sparsely populated island in the Bahamas. My son, Zac, is a TV producer and director for the city of Tampa, where he lives with his wife, Karen, and, most importantly, my three remarkable granddaughters who keep me laughing. Come on down for one of the last few shuttle launches. I live on the Indian River across from the Assembly Building on the Cape. I can get you a great view from my dock."

IN MEMORIAM: Carolyn A. Cain '67
May 22, 2007
Helena, Montana

IN MEMORIAM: John Goodrich Sr. '67
June 12, 2009
Penacook, New Hampshire


Jan Temple Metoxen writes: "I love retirement and am keeping busy tutoring and driving elderly friends to appointments. Our son is married, living and working in New York City. Our daughter is an hour away working on the Connecticut shore. Holly Davis Smith and I meet for lunch each year, but I don't hear from any other KSC friends. I recently reconnected with Alan Hodsdon via Facebook. Anyone else who wants to send me news, please do. Hope to hear from you."


Colleen Domi O'Brien '70 writes: "I have only recently learned of the death of my old friend Anna Zalis Kasprak. Anna died in February 2009 in New Britain, CT., at the age of 76, and I thought many of our classmates who remembered her would like to know (listed in the memoriam section of the fall '09 issue of KST). She married young and entered Keene after her daughters, Betsi and Susan, were in their early teens. She was valedictorian of the class; she then went to UMass Amherst where she earned her master's degree and most of the credits toward her doctorate, which she did not finish, as she took a position as a staff development coordinator in Connecticut schools. She then worked as a technical writer/editor for Northwest Utilities until taking early retirement due to disability. Despite health struggles, she was active on various boards and did considerable research on her Lithuanian cultural heritage. Her daughters Betsi ( and Susan ( and her good friend and former KSC art professor Carl Weis ( would be delighted to hear from others who remember Anna, as would I ("

Bruce Cloutier writes: "I am retired, again. This retirement, December 31, 2008, was from the Vermont Rail System as a locomotive engineer. I accumulated 20 years of service working full-time or part-time during those years. I would encounter many former classmates, students, and colleagues who rode 'my' train. I'm now enjoying the days driving my 1954 Chevy with my wife, Linda '73, and spending time with four grandchildren."

From Marsha Neubert: "I lost my mother-in-law in July after her battle with lung cancer. She was fortunate to live most of her 91 years in good health. Since I lost my husband in November 2007, I have kept busy with volunteer work and aerobics classes."

Lorraine Savastano retired from the U.S. Army after serving 23 years. She has also retired from her civilian job as a training and curriculum specialist in Baumholder, Germany, for 10 years. She now lives in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, where she volunteers at the Literacy Center, teaching reading to adults.

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