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Class Notes

From Dorothy Young Carruthers: "I received a letter from Bertha Owens Dorval, who has moved to Columbus, NC. We are hoping she'll join our Round Robin. As you know, 2010 marks our 70th anniversary. Please contact me with information, so we'll be represented when the new Alumni Center opens. I don't have e-mail."

D. Marion Dennis Thorell writes: "My granddaughter got married in June 2009 at our cottage on Merrymeeting Lake in New Hampshire. She will soon obtain her bachelor's degree. My grandson is starting his doctorate at MIT. I am retired and living at Briston Manor West in Bedford, NH.


Virginia Rollins Flint was given a 90th birthday party by her family. They joined her from Alaska, Texas, California, Maryland, and several New England states. Eleanor Price Johnson and Barbara Jeffery Stimson attended their 72nd reunion from Keene High School. The both also graduated from KTC. Your class secretaries would appreciate news from you.


Ruth C. MacKenzie Lee writes: "I'm in good health. I live in Florida eight or nine months of the year. I spend my summers in Littleton, NH, where I grew up and lived all 43 years of my married life with Roderick MacKenzie. We brought up three children. Rod died in 1986. In 2002, I married Robert Lee. He died in 2006. I am fortunate to walk, drive, see family and friends, and do most tasks myself."


From Caroline Nichols Pregent: "On July 19, 2009, the family of Sarah Pollock Wyman-Mack held a celebration of life at Greenlawn Cemetery in Keene. The program ended with the song 'When the Saints Go Marching In.' Sarah lived for several years in New Orleans and loved being a part of Mardi Gras. Sarah and I corresponded frequently, and I was glad to meet her family.

"Mary Bergeron and I are thinking about taking a Friendly Bus to one of the malls. In Lois Moore Querin's last e-mail, she reminisced about the trips she used to take in her camper. She is still active in the AAUW in Ocala.

"In August, the Golden Circle lunch was held at the College Camp. Many attended and enjoyed the beautiful day. On the 25th, my daughter and I went to a Red Sox game. I have always been a fan. I had to appear knowledgeable for my students.

"Please send me your news so the next issue of KST will be interesting."

Joan Hall McCarter is still happy at Havenwood in Concord. She has a great-grandson named A. J.

IN MEMORIAM: Ruth G. Peirce '43
July 29, 2009
Lakeland, Florida


Bernard Corson offers the following advice to current KSC students: "Don't take yourself too seriously and always keep a positive mental attitude (PMA)."


In May 2009, Nancy S. Ashford took a trip to California to visit family.

IN MEMORIAM: Pauline F. Bailey '45
June 29, 2009
East Hartford, Connecticut


It was special to have three members of the '46 class at the luncheon at Hart's Turkey Farm. They were Thelma Partridge Mitchell, Shirley Colburn Hooker, and Geneva Moore Howe, and they seemed to have a great time catching up with each other as well with as other classmates.


Ruth Blodgett Fisher Washburn and Shirley Rolston Martell attended Reunion and the College's 100th anniversary. They disappointed that no one else from their class came, but they had a great time. With the help of Kay MacLean, they were able to stay in the same room they shared as freshmen. KSC did a wonderful job on the Fiske Hall renovations. The fireworks were fantastic. They hope more of their class will be able to attend the 65th reunion in three years.


From Ellie Smith Butler: "Not much news from the class of 1948 - where is everyone? Jean Harding Maxwell was our only classmate to attend Reunion in June. She tells me she came away with very positive impressions of the campus and especially enjoyed the film (in which she was interviewed) about days gone by at Keene.
"In late August, I visited in Boothbay Harbor, ME, with my cousin Peggy Smith Murphy '42, who lives in Florida. She is also her class secretary, and we both commiserated about the lack of news from our classmates to write about. Who has news for the next issue of Keene State Today? E-mail, call, or write me by December 1. I would love to hear from you."


Ellie Hughgill Muldoon writes: "I've talked with a few people since Reunion in June. Wanda Hale Brooks is sorry that she missed Reunion, but her hospital stay that weekend left her feeling much better. They took care of a clogged artery, put her on a diet, and, now 15 pounds lighter, she feels like a kid again!

"I called Ken Swift while he was celebrating his 84th birthday, and he's feeling quite good. I did go to Market Basket in Rindge, Ken, and met your son, Dave. Classmates, if you're in the area and looking for a good butcher, ask for Dave Swift. He's a nice guy - and almost as cute as his father!

"Bart van Wie was eating dinner with his niece and nephew when I called. He has someone come in each day, but I believe he's making progress.

"Norma Wright Walker '51 called to tell me that Edythe Collins Dexter was in rehab in Keene. She had a stroke while she was in the hospital having some tests. Today I received a note from Edythe (with her daughter's help) saying that she has moved to the Clough Center at New London Hospital, and she's made a lot of progress.

"Also talked to Lil Hubbard Brigham who was finishing up her pickle-making with more than 600 jars! Poor Lil has what she calls 'a mild case of shingles.' She keeps going. Has the Energizer Bunny heard of Lil?

"Ollie McMorran Dorr is 'enjoying' physical therapy after a fall. I start therapy next week after falling and breaking my little finger. Hopefully this will improve our balance, and we'll be standing and walking erectly once more!

"If you get these words before Christmas, be sure and send me a card telling me what you're doing (besides falling), so that I have news to share in Keene State Today."

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