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Class Notes

Janis Brackett celebrated 48 years of marriage with a fabulous three-week trip to Alaska. She and her husband enjoyed exploring and viewed both Mounts McKinley and Rainier.

Winston Wright is retired but keeping active in EMS and the fire department, serving on the Monadnock Regional School Board and various committees in Fitzwilliam. One of his sons graduated in 1984 from KSC and the other will graduate in 2010. Three generations!

IN MEMORIAM: Cornelia Verhey Brous '60
January 4, 2009
Westmoreland, N.H.

IN MEMORIAM: Joyce Croumie Bryant '60
March 9, 2009
Sebring, Fla.

IN MEMORIAM: Perley "Jim" Nye '60
February 18, 2009
Windsor, Conn.


IN MEMORIAM: Dr. Cornelius "Bud" Lyle II '61
January 25, 2009
Jaffrey, N.H.


Patricia Gainis writes: "One group still gets together regularly - Donna Dearborn Woodfin, Rita Ludwig Farhm, Patricia Plante Albanese, Nancy Parisi Morgan, Stephanie Heselton Baute, and Janice Griffin."

IN MEMORIAM: Eleanor Dix-Greer '62
March 7, 2009
Milford, N.H.


In October, Elizabeth Butterfly Gilman, Floreen Maroncelli, Claire Lanphear, Pat Plante Zemianek, and Carol Racicot Lord went on a western Mediterranean cruise to celebrate their 45th college reunion.

Jane Hawkins Goland writes: "I'm a retired English teacher in Westboro, Mass., and just completed a long-term sub position. My husband and I live in Venice, Fla., in the winter. We have three sons and three granddaughters."

During the June 2008 reunion the following classmates joined in great conversations, memories, and laughter. The following are snippets about each.

Becky Abbott retired as a chief copy editor from Laurin Publishing Co. in Pittsfield, Mass., and lives in Dalton, Mass. She enjoys spending time with friends and going to plays and other activities that the beautiful Berkshires offer. However, Becky is actively looking for a place in the warmer climates. Becky recalls the details that many of us forget and people at the Campus Club.

Helen Jamrog Barnhart lives in the South with her husband, John.

Barbara Gendron is a retired Keene High School teacher.

Elizabeth Butterfly Gilman is a retired assistant superintendent living in Portsmouth, N.H. She enjoys family time, volunteering for community projects, traveling, kayaking, and connecting with friends.

Raymond Jobin is teaching at Keene State and encouraging students as they show great promise in the teaching field.

Claire Lataille Lanphear is a retired classroom teacher from Mashpee, Mass., loves to quilt, and is doing some traveling.

Carol Racicot Lord retired as a reading specialist from Newport, N.H., and is traveling every chance possible. It helps to have family in Texas, but she has been to Alaska, Hawaii, and beyond.

Paul Malinski retired as a superintendent in Maine, but has served as interim this year in the North Woods of Maine. He is moving to Washington State this summer to join family. This makes move 100 or more?

Kenneth McCann is working for the Troopers to Teachers program within the New England area and is living in Durham, N.H.

Carolyn Madden Sullivan was in the only picture posted at reunion last June from our time in Keene showing her as a member of the winter carnival court. Carolyn and her husband, Bill, have retired to a home in Weathersfield, Vt.

Joyce Gilman MacKay is a retired Vernon, Conn., business owner now living on the Connecticut coast.

Floreen Maroncelli retired as an art teacher and lives in Newburyport, Mass. That creative side continues in her hooking, gardening, and artwork. She has begun the search to spend winter months in the warmer climates.

Wayne Murray retired from Keene High School after switching from social studies to home economics, teaching computer courses, and ending with substituting. He and his wife, Sarah Sherburne, continue to live in Keene.

Sarah Sherburne retired from the Keene Library and has continued her love of learning in weaving. She has completed a four-year course in master weaving and shares many of her creations with family and friends.

Allan Saulnier spent a few years as a secondary educator and then moved into private industry, where he now owns a business. He recalled attempting to study in the dorm as a difficult adventure. His wife joined him at reunion for the weekend.

Barbara Williams Sheperd came down from far northern regions of VT to the reunion last June. She retired as a guidance counselor and enjoys her family, life, and all things involved.

Mary Ellen Sias is a retired reading specialist from Glastonbury, Conn. She has engaged in an innkeepers' service (inn sitting) in almost every New England state. She continues to enjoy her home in Connecticut and kayaking in New Hampshire.

Marjorie Merrill Streeter is a retired kindergarten teacher from Kingston/Exeter N.H., and has continued to substitute teach for the past several years. RV traveling with her husband takes Marjorie across the country and into the South, playing golf along the way.

Phyllis Woodward has changed career paths several times, with her latest in designing and painting on silk and tutoring college students. Traveling is part of her life and wants to go to Australia and/or Africa some day.

Patricia Plante Zemianek is a retired elementary teacher in Bennington, Vt., where she still lives and is active in the community. She is an early morning walker, mountain hiker, and country skier, and enjoys traveling. Her great memory is dating Steve and missing out on a few road trips with the girls.

IN MEMORIAM: Mary Jo Stratton Storey '63
February 17, 2008
Holiday, Fla.

IN MEMORIAM: Correction: In the previous issue, Margaret Marston Dixon was incorrectly listed as from the class of 1973. She graduated in 1963. We regret the error.


From Leo '63 and Shirley LaFrance Spencer: "Leo retired from marine chemistry research and teaching in the late '70s. Shirley retired in 1999 after 28 years of teaching. Lee served two terms in the State Legislature in the early '90s. We own and have developed over the past 35 years a camping resort, Chocorua Camping Village, and still oversee operations. Twice it has received the National Park of the Year award. We divide our time between travel destinations - winter in the Abacus of the Bahamas, Chocorua, N.H., and Lee, N.H. We have four wonderful children and two granddaughters. We are enjoying life to the fullest."

Kenneth Brown has retired from classroom teaching but works four afternoons a week as a math tutor in Concord, N.H. His wife, Corinne '66, continues to do seamstress and alteration work in her sewing room. She's also active in church. Both are active in the summer keeping up the yard. Most Saturdays are spent with their granddaughter. They enjoy being grandparents.

Ray Minor is still plugging along - white hair and all. He enjoys the concerts and programs at the Redfern.

IN MEMORIAM: Katherine Moran LaRoche '64
January 12, 2008
Penacook, N.H.

IN MEMORIAM: Joan Schnare '64
May 29, 2009
Bennington, N.H.


Elinor Larello is happy to read about Keene State's additions. She would like to come for Pumpkin Festival sometime.

Joyce Rogers Brookshire writes: "I have been married 42-plus years to Ed Brookshire. Two of our three children graduated from KSC. We have four grandchildren. Life is pretty good. We'd like to hear from other classmates."

Louise Pederzani Pear writes from Moodus, Conn., that she and Mike have three grandchildren for whom she babysits. She enjoys working at the food bank at her church, reading, and quilting. The Pears like Nascar racing and have gone to Loudon, N.H.; Michigan, and Alabama to watch races. Louise retired in 2002 and thought she'd have more free time.

Fran Tate of Ocean Park, Maine, has been married to his wife, Nancy, for 43 years and retired for four years. He likes traveling, biking, and watching the Red Sox. The Tates have three children and four grandchildren.

Julie J. Fudula and Betty Morin have taken trips to Stockbridge, Mass., and Tanglewood this past year. They had a reunion with Eileen Dlugosz and Peggy Bodwell Adams at Newfound Lake to celebrate their 65th birthdays. Julie is retired and enjoys her monthly book club, writing to her and her husband's two daughters and two grandchildren, reading, gardening, following UVA's women's basketball, and summers at Smith Mountain Lake, Va.

Doug Whittum and his wife, Judy, have been married for 43 years and are semi-retired from the Laconia School District. They have one daughter and two grandchildren. Doug was elected as police commissioner for three years. He serves on the boards for his Breakwater Condo Association and the Meadowbrook Scholarship Foundation. The Whittums traveled to Mexico and Florida this past year.

IN MEMORIAM: Richard Comtois '65
March 10, 2009
Bellows Falls, Vt.


Randy Locke writes: "My wife, Heather W. Locke '70, and I are doing just fine in Biddeford, Maine. We just got an 8-year-old Springer with three toes on the left foot. Our dog died on May 5 with lime disease. Hope to see Theta at the 2010 reunion."

From Elaine Landry: "I retired from teaching English and American Studies after 27 years. I volunteer at RISE, I'm a board member of Keene's Academy Fund, and I'm active in the Delta Kappa Gamma education society. My husband and I have five grandchildren, and we enjoy golf and traveling together. I would love to have a reunion of the Stone House crew."

Edith Suntjens writes: "We have become snowbirds and will travel to California before returning home for the birthday of our new calves."

Bonnie Sproul Davidson is currently teaching anatomy and physiology at Whittier Vocational Technical High School in Haverhill, Mass. Summers she spend her time on the water as an ocean kayak guide. She has two daughters, one son, and three grandchildren.

Thomas Makela writes: "Enjoying retirement after 35 years of teaching in Mystic, Conn. Retired in 2001 and moved to Lake Ashton Golf Club in Lake Wales, Fla. It is a gated community with everything a golfer would want. My wife enjoys swimming, painting, walking, and sewing for needy children. Spring training gets us to see the Braves and Tigers, and we get to see the Red Sox when they get to Tampa Bay. We get back to Connecticut once a year to play in a golf tournament in June."

From Susan Cross Andrews: "We continue to love life in Maine. I keep busy by working one day a week, volunteer as cochair for our church's consignment shop, attend school as a third-year theology student, and sing with a choral group. My husband works at Corning as a security guard. We love to travel and just went to Poland, Norway, Mexico, and Paris - Maine, that is! Our youngest son just married a KSC graduate so we know he is with good stock. Our oldest son is with Bavarian Motors in Portsmouth, N.H."


William Thomas writes: "I returned from El Salvador, where I was an official observer of the presidential election as a member of Veterans for Peace. N.H. Veterans for Peace continues to broadcast N.H. Veterans Speak Out on Manchester, N.H., public access. N.H. Veterans for Peace is helping to provide scholarship money for a young scholarship student, Violeta. My next journey was to Israel and the Palestinian West Bank in December 2009. My wife, Wendy '72, is an associate member and also a member of Code Pink."

Christopher Booth Kendall wants people to know: "This old man is still here!"


Ted and Sue Miller '69 make their home in Walpole, N.H. Ted has been working full-time as an adjunct instructor for the KSC Geography Department since 2002. Sue will retire from teaching after 26 years with Supervisory 38. She plans to pursue house projects, gardening, and volunteer work. During summer, they spend their time at their home in Curacao, scuba diving and enjoying their freedom from work. Their eight grandchildren take up much of their time during the year.

Clyde Lower has been teaching for more than 40 years. He teaches music methods and music appreciation at Framingham State College.

Jan Adams Lessard's son lives in Benton, Maine and works as a CADD for Moosehead Log Homes. Her daughter and husband live in Kentucky with their 1-year-old son. The couple both worked at Disney, the Bellview Biltmore, then and the Greenbriar Inn before moving to Kentucky. Jan is running and working at an afterschool tutoring program for 150 to 200 underprivileged K-5 students. Her husband is retired but still working full-time because it keeps him out of mischief.

Janis Temple Metoxen writes: "I'm loving retirement although I am keeping busy with my new business of driving and helping the elderly. I definitely don't feel like it's been 40 years. We've been traveling a couple times a year, and I still spend my summers on a lake in Sturbridge, Mass. I swim daily to keep the joints moving and do a lot of reading and gardening."

IN MEMORIAM: Kathryn Amidon Kapronopoulos '68
January 29, 2009
Sierra Vista, Ariz.


Nan Hodgdon is still teaching. She plans to bring her granddaughter to the 100th celebration to see the KSC campus. Her granddaughter is in eighth grade and expressed plans to attend Keene State.

Sharon Brown writes: "It's hard to believe it's been 40 years since graduation from KSC. This year also marks my 40th year of teaching. My advice to those who are new to teaching and can't imagine staying with it for 40 years - don't blink!"

From Mal Cameron: "Hi, folks. It doesn't seem possible that we will have graduated 40 years ago this year and that it is the 100th anniversary of KSC. What an exciting year to come back to campus and to see all of the changes and to meet up with former classmates. Just to catch you up on what's going on in my own life, I am into my 18th year as an educator at the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in Concord, N.H. It's my 10th year as a full-timer, which means that by September I can qualify to officially retire. Not sure yet if I will, but my window of opportunity opens this year. Still living in Deerfield, N.H., coming up on 37 years of marriage to the lovely Bernadette. All three kids made it through college and are out of the house, and life is good. Wishing my classmates a wonder-filled and prosperous 2009."

Patricia Royce writes: "In August 2008, Daryl and I celebrated our 40 years of marriage with an open house at the Heritage Restaurant, hosted by our three children and their spouses. After having retired one year ago from municipal government, I am now enjoying part-time employment at the Charlestown Primary School. It's great to be back in school after 35 years! Daryl has retired from two careers - teaching, 25, and postal service, 10. We are delighted to spend much time with our four grandchildren - Jacob, 9; Nick, 8; Emma, 7; and Lucy, 3. In summer 2008, Karen Midgely Hawkes and I shared lunch and a fun visit, not having seen each other since graduation. It was unbelievable how much news we caught up on."

IN MEMORIAM: Anna Z. Kasprak '69
February 10, 2009
New Britain, Conn.

IN MEMORIAM: Eric Richardson '69
February 11, 2009
Laconia, N.H.

IN MEMORIAM: Virginia Trumbull '69
November 26, 2008
Westmoreland, N.H.

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