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Class Notes

Marion Andros now has the wonderful distinction for being the alumna in attendance at reunion who graduated before all of the other alumni in attendance!

News about Betty Doe Jaderborg: At Keene, she was interested in sewing and tailoring. After teaching one year in New Hampshire, she went to Portland, Maine, where she became a therapeutic dietitian. From there, she went to Connecticut to set up diet kitchens in hospitals. After moving to Kansas, she taught English and communications in a couple colleges. Her husband went to Columbus University to get his Doctor of Education degree. They spent summers in Maine. Her present address is 7230 S. Bennet Ave., Chicago, IL 60649. Betty has three children - two boys and a girl. Both boys graduated from Kansas University and the girl from a musical college in Lindsborg. One son is a Methodist minister and the other is a pilot and flies ambulance planes up and down the coast of California. Betty is 90 years old, a licensed pilot in Maine, and in good health.

Beryle Thompson Thyng is now living in Wolfeboro with her daughter. Her address is 6 Treadwell Ln., Wolfeboro, NH 03894. She attended her first Golden Circle luncheon in Concord on June 17. There she was joined by Effie Winn Torrey, Dorothy Young Carruthers, and Marion Dennis Thorell. It was a great reunion for all.

From Dorothy Young Carruthers: "Recently, I was invited to talk with the children here in Contoocook Grade School, now Maple Street School, which has grades 4 to 6. I was a teacher and principal at this school many years ago. They wanted to know how things were different then, what items we didn't have, what the building looked liked, and what I looked like. I took pictures to satisfy their curiosity. It was a gratifying experience to recall the differences between then and now in the educational equipment and the methods of presenting the required materials. I really enjoyed recalling some of the 'old days' in my life."

Esther Perry Warren and her husband, Kenneth, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in Peterborough, N.H. Esther taught for 31 years. Kenneth was a New Hampshire game warden. They retired together in 1984.


Virginia Rollins Flint writes: "One hundred years sounds exciting!"

Irene Nelson Koski was runner up in the Alumna with the Greatest Seniority contest at our grand Centennial Reunion and can be seen in the very front of the first "0" in the 100 years on Fiske Quad photo.

IN MEMORIAM: Jo Ann Svietek Stillings '41
June 7, 2009
San Diego, Calif.


Beth Adams writes: "Currently living in independent apartment at Hillcrest Terrace Retirement Community in Manchester, N.H. Still enjoy social activities and gardening, reading, and knitting."

Alta Sanders writes: "I enjoyed my years at Keene State. I worked to pay back the tuition I owed and went to Boston University to get my master's degree and specialized in reading. I enjoyed teaching and retired in 1976. I'm now 94 years old and living in an assisted living community in Connecticut. I enjoy the people and activities here."

IN MEMORIAM: Margaret Doucoumes Burrell '42
January 28, 2009
Syracuse, N.Y.

IN MEMORIAM: Hazel Campbell Greer '42
May 22, 2009
Portsmouth, N.H.


From Caroline Nichols Pregent: "Barbara Brown Charbonneau wrote that she enjoyed the 65th Reunion of our class last June and was especially glad to meet former classmates. She is not planning to attend the '09 reunion. Barbara's granddaughter and family spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with her in Florida.

"Lois Moore Querin wrote from Ocala, Fla., that the winter had been rather cool and it reminded her of New England. She and Ned have not traveled much lately. Their development is Top of the World. It is one of 12 communities of homes with separate names for each. They share three golf courses, and recreation, health, and fitness centers, plus other conveniences. Once in awhile they join the Tappers Travel group for short trips. They enjoy hearing from friends who reminds them of happy times together.

"Dorothy Lincoln Dattge of Las Vegas wrote that she takes her grandchildren to school every day. Dorothy has had eye and ear problems. Dot and I spent a summer together working in York Beach, Maine. Then we lived and taught together in Greenville, N.H. She was my principal. I am always glad to hear from her.

"Sarah Pollock Wyman wrote from New Orleans that life had brought many changes since our graduation in 1943. Sarah lost her home during the hurricane.
"Marjorie Howe Herlin enjoys her new home in Laconia. Her daughter, Nancy, moved to Florida, so Marge says she is soloing now. Marge has five great-grandchildren.

"Art and Pat Thompson Shedd are enjoying their second year in their Connecticut home. Their children and grandchildren invited them on trips to the Florida Keys, a performance in Hartford, as well as trips to Rhode Island, Ohio, and New Hampshire. They spent their 65th wedding anniversary on a Bermuda cruise with a son and daughter in law. Pat and Art enjoyed frequent trips to visit great-grandchildren.

"Barbara Adams travels by plane to Washington; Branson, Mo.; New Hampshire; and other places.

"I was glad to hear from Phyllis Buxton Bodwell who lives Concord, N.H. She is in the same apartment that she and Ralph had shared in the past. She misses Texas but is glad to be near family and friends in New England. Phyllis and her daughter enjoyed a trip to New York City to see a performance of the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. She often visits her son's family, where she enjoys her two great-granddaughters. Since Concord is centrally located, friends and relatives from the New England area make summer visits to her. Last June she attended a Bodwell reunion in Wilmington, Vt., at the home of her niece Peggy Bodwell Adams '65. Her family surprised her with a 30-minute production of her life to celebrate her 90th birthday. Phyllis hopes to attend some of the Golden Circle luncheons.

"Louise Whitten Perkins and I are still volunteering at the KSC Alumni Office. We enjoy this. Lou's sons are very much involved with the military operations, and she looks forward to their frequent telephone calls and short visits."

IN MEMORIAM: Sarah Pollock Wyman-Mack '43
February 24, 2009
Franklin, N.C.


Rosina Digilio Stark and her husband, Edward, were spotted at several reunion events, including the Film Screening and President's Brunch.

Constance Fullam wrote: "I am enjoying my senior years at a retirement community in Pittsford, N.Y. My husband passed away nearly two years ago but my daughter's family, including three little greats, is nearby. I still enjoy good health, play golf, and travel. Would love to see someone from KSC. Upstate New York is a great place to visit!"

IN MEMORIAM: Clara Heselton Digilio '44
December 10, 2008
Bradford, N.H.


Vesta Fenderson Kennedy and Nancy Scripture Ashford attended the 100th Golden Circle Luncheon in Rindge last November. Nancy was later without power or telephone service for several days. She was glad they had a generator to use.

Other victims of the December ice storm were Roy and Carolyn Land Jeffrey. They lost power for five days, but were fortunate to have their son Brian and his family nearby to stay with until they could return home. When they returned home they were delighted that the house was okay and the pipes did not freeze. They were thankful to the repair crew from Tennessee who worked long hours in their area to restore the power to everyone.

Nancy Ashfort had a great trip to Italy. She went for a 10-day tour with two nieces and one grand niece. She couldn't have done it without their kind help.


Jeanne Burchards Giquere wrote: "My husband died last year, so I decided to move to the Woodlands, a retirement home in Greenville, S.C., to be near family. I dread the move. I've been in Florida for 23 years."

IN MEMORIAM: Martha Hurd Colburn '46
January 27, 2009
Laconia, N.H.


IN MEMORIAM: Beverly W. Bugler '47
November 3, 2008
Jaffrey, N.H.

IN MEMORIAM: Stephen Valla '47
April 4, 2009
Concord, N.H.


From Ellie Hughgill Muldoon: "Another Alumni Reunion has come and gone ... our 60th and Keene's 100th! It was a wonderful weekend; Sprague Drennan interceded in getting the sun to shine (a rarity this spring, it seems). Thirteen of us met in Pondside III for a wonderful dinner and some fond reminiscing: Faith Goldsmith Armington, Flora Calef Hammond, Shirley LaBounty Burt, Ollie McMorran Dorr, Lil Hubbard Brigham, Edythe Collins Dexter, Marge and Sherm Lovering, Bette Manos (with Charlie, of course), Ken Swift, Mary Hazleton Bolster (with her granddaughter, class of '07), Helen Corey Dwire with Ralph, and me.

"Bart van Wie had to withdraw his reservation, since he wasn't up to the long drive. Bart had quadruple by-pass surgery in the fall and is still not up to par. Then last week Wanda Hale Brooks went to the doctor and ended up at Manchester Catholic Memorial with a blocked artery (poor timing, Wanda!) She called yesterday, sounded good, but needs to cut down a bit on all her volunteering.

"I talked with several classmates prior to Reunion Weekend. Johnny Burkhardt had just returned home from the hospital. Bob Daly had an aneurysm, must use a walker, but hopes to improve with more therapy. Ray Dundas is confined to his home, with a caregiver coming in every day.

"I had a long chat with Mary Harrity Walsh (John died of a heart attack just before our 45th reunion.) Mary needs two canes to get around now, and she doesn't drive. She told me some funny stories about a side of college life that I hadn't heard. It seems she was holding the money for one of the sports teams. Late one night Johnny was throwing pebbles at her third-floor window saying, 'Mary, give me all the money; we need it to bail out ---------------.' It seems one of the guys got a little rowdy and was spending the night in jail. (I believe the 'criminal' was 'Obie.')

"I finally tracked down Connie Clough Hawes, who lives in North Carolina. Her husband died two years ago, and she lives with her daughter. She's well, remembered me, and was glad to hear about classmates. Connie has kept in touch with Ginger Lee, who lived in Fiske for one year. Lil Brigham talked with Vickie Wilson Chandler's husband. Unfortunately, Vickie had a bad fall and is in a nursing home in Rochester, N.Y.

"Remember Eleanor 'Sue' Mason? (Maybe the first 'legally' pregnant student at KTC?) I had a great chat with her. She's still in Springfield, Ore., is well, and is fondly remembering many classmates and KTC. Sue is older than many of us, but doesn't beat Ray Dundas, who will be 90 in July.

"There are some classmates whose addresses we have who prefer to keep a low profile. (Maybe they're in a witness protection program.) They don't know what they're missing ... those of us who keep in touch really enjoy each other's company and love telling stories about 'the good old days.' Our children and grandchildren can't believe that in 1949 we paid $100 for tuition and $252 for room and board for a year's education. And we held our own working with people who went to expensive, private colleges. Keene Teachers College has had a significant impact on all our lives, and we have enjoyed watching it improve and expand through the years.

"If you, or someone close to you is computer-literate, the Keene State Alumni website has a great deal of information and pictures galore (especially of '08 and '09 reunions.) Can you find me in the aerial view of "100" taken Saturday on Fiske Quad? (Hint: I'm in the ones column.) Faith Goldsmith Armington is in the tens column, and she's waving! Please continue to keep in touch; put me on your Christmas card list and add a note so I'll know you're still breathing."

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