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Class Notes

From Gail Spevack Sheldon: "At reunion this June, I saw Carmen Nalbone, who looks as great as ever! What an example Carmen is, traveling from New Jersey each year. Norma (Turcotte) McShane wrote in June to say that she filled in as interim principal in North Bennington, Vt., the first half of school year 2007-08. When a new principal was hired over the Christmas holiday, Norma retired again. After John recovered from surgery, they were off to spend July and part of August in Mexico helping care for their granddaughter while she was out of school. When visiting her brother in North Conway in June, she met Maxine "Duddie" (Weld) Andrews at a restaurant. Duddie volunteered a couple of days a week in the kindergarten at the school where she taught and had decided to give that up this school year. She said she has enough grandchildren to volunteer with! Does that sound familiar to anyone?

I was fortunate to visit with Dorothy (McCarthy) Bright when she visited this July from Portland, Ore. After visiting husband Roy's family in West Virginia, they flew in to Milford, N.H., to spend time with sister Judy's husband, Jim, and son, Patrick. We had a wonderful visit. They were going to Portland to be with grandchildren before Roy's hip surgery the end of August. After recovery, they will be off to their home in Tucson, Ariz.

George Scott Darling passed away August 2, 2008. He taught for more than 30 years in vocational arts, counseling, and administration. He was headmaster at Coe-Brown Academy in Northwood, N.H., for several years. He leaves his wife, two sons, a daughter, and four grandchildren.

IN MEMORIAM: George Scott Darling '60
August 2, 2008


From Dorothy Bean Simpson: "Recently we reported on Carolyn (Woodes) Page and her husband, Ross Erwin, as authors who have published many books. A correction should be made in their pen name: It is Page Erwin (not Page Irwin). We are excited that their new book is out - Bones of Contention: A Maine Mystery. From a quote of Julia Spencer-Fleming, 'Bones of Contention showcases the real Maine mystery of Carolyn Chute. In Page Erwin's highly capable hands, you smell the salt air, taste the bean supper, and feel the morning fog's chill.' Visit Carolyn and Ross's at Keep the news coming in."

Dorothy Callaghan writes: "I'm still teaching, and I have several former students who attend Keene State."

From Thomas Kalampalikis: "Fifty years after I started KSC, my granddaughter began attending (2007). She is in her second year and loves it. She wants to be an educator like her "papou." What a beautiful college Keene State has become."

IN MEMORIAM: Bruce E. Sweeney '61
October 3, 2008
Portland, Maine


Paul Bouchard is serving his second year as president of Maine Education Association-Retired.

Don Mackey writes: "Founded Farmington, Conn., Antiques. For many years, we spent seven months a year in our Florida home (now sold). Now we are in New Hampshire nine months a year and travel for three."


IN MEMORIAM: Margaret "Peg" Marston Dixon '63
August 12, 2008
Modesto, California


IN MEMORIAM: John H. West '64
July 26, 2008
Concord, New Hampshire


Richard Doyle, who taught in Newburyport, Mass., for 37 years, has written a memoir about his experiences. Winston Churchill Was a Catholic Priest was published in December 2008. Doyle retired in 2002. He and his wife divide their time between New Hampshire and Florida.

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