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Class Notes

IN MEMORIAM: Joseph Oakley '50
May 4, 2008
Keene, New Hampshire


Ruth (Bickford) Peck wrote during those long wintery months that she had had enough of the weather. She is planning to attend the Golden Circle gathering at Warren's Lobster House, in Kittery, Maine, and hopes to see other classmates there.

Barbara (Avery) Clark writes from North Woodstock that she often thinks fondly of the friends she made while attending Keene Teachers College. She has a granddaughter going to school in Scotland. Barbara is very proud of her. Barbara often chats with Barbara (Garland) Woods, who lives in Hanover quite near her son.


From Irene (DiMeco) Parent: "I received a nice note from Rachel (Osborne) Kidder from Barnstead, N.H. She mentioned the nice time she had at the alumni spring get-together in 2007. She has been keeping busy gardening with her grandchildren, enjoying activities, visiting the shut-ins at her church, and singing for the folks in the nursing home. She also spends time walking every day. Her daughter and family live next door to her. She is happy about that. Her son and family live on the other side of her and have an alpaca farm. 'They are quiet and enjoyable animals to watch.' Rachel, her husband, and family took a trip to California to attend her sister, Priscilla's, son's wedding. They were there for several days and also spent time sightseeing. She was sorry to hear of Norma Walker's '51 husband's death. She mentioned, 'Norma did so well to continue with the alumni events with his long-term illness.'

"I also received a note from Florida from June and Dick Chambers, who are always commenting how much they look forward to reading the news in the Keene State Today. Everyone, give us some news for our magazine. We want to hear about what is going on in your lives."

From Winifred (Woodbury) Langtry: "I went to Pennsylvania with my son David, his wife Joy, and our granddaughter Alex for the wedding of Gary and Angela on April 12. It was a wonderful weekend as my other son Doug and wife Donna from Cape Cod came with their daughter Cassie. My family has grown considerably with Angela's dear family joining the Langtry clan. They all made me very proud, but the weekend was over far too soon.

"We all hope to get together in August for a welcome home party for grandson Nate from Iraq. I pray all goes well for him and that he does get his leave at that time.
"Our Biloxi crew is busily raising money to go back to Biloxi, Miss., to work on restoring some more homes there. It is a long process and will take years, but we take 28 people and work hard to do as much as we can with Back Bay Mission as our base.

"I cannot wait to get back to the Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen where they feed 70 to 100 people each day. Most live wherever they can in abandoned buildings and are appreciative of any food they can get. I am happy to learn how the staff, especially my friend Joey, is able to season up the food we cook for them all.

"I still hear from Anita Nestor in California either by e-mail or phone. What a wonderful vacation I had when I went to visit her and Alex in Mexico."


IN MEMORIAM: Joseph A. DiMeco '53
June 22, 2008
Keene, New Hampshire


From June Hesse Haymon: "Haven't heard from anyone in the class. Hopefully all of you are sending tidbits to Norma Walker '51, so you can be recorded in the anniversary journal marking the 100th year of Keene State College in the year 2009. Let me hear from you. Our class was always active, and I'm sure you are still involved with many things. I, for one, am very proud as my younger son, Kris, is going to become a deacon in the Lutheran Church on June 21, 2008. It has been a two-year process. It's nice when your children succeed ... makes it all worthwhile getting a good education at Keene State and passing it on."

IN MEMORIAM: Laurence Reney '54
February 24, 2007
Old Saybrook, Connecticut


Connie Tremblay writes: "On June 1, 2, and 3, 2007, 52 class members, accompanied by spouses, family members, and friends gathered to celebrate a golden milestone - 50 years since graduation from Keene Teachers College. The weather cooperated, and throughout the weekend friendships were renewed, memories were shared, and photography was a major activity. A transformed campus with many new buildings was ours to explore. A welcoming college staff kept all events on schedule. We enjoyed great food and golf cart shuttle service when the distance to various events required a little assistance. We were informed about new college programs and future plans for the new Alumni Center. Most importantly, the past connected with the present in many respects, especially enjoyable conversation.

"There will soon be another opportunity to gather as a class and join other alums on the occasion of the College's 100-year anniversary in 2009. One of the scheduled events will be the dedication of our class gift, a centennial clock tower. You will be receiving more information about this event, and we hope that you plan to attend. Meanwhile, please send news of yourself and your activities to be included in the class notes section of our alumni magazine. Your information should be sent to Sarah Johnson, Class Notes Editor, Keene State College, 229 Main Street, Keene, NH 03435-1502 or"

Connie and Gene Ross joined other alums in Stuart, Fla., and were overwhelmed by all the wonderful happenings at Keene State. President Giles-Gee did a super job explaining everything that is going on with the College. If you get a chance, go listen, learn, and enjoy.

IN MEMORIAM: E. Dan Cappel '57
October 12, 2007
Wilton, New Hampshire


Harold Nugent and his wife, Susan (Monroe) Nugent '72, live in Gainesville, Fla., after 10 years in the Florida Keys. Harold taught English for 23 years, and Susan taught English for nine at Keene State. If you would like to learn about Susan's Women Conserving the Florida Keys project, please e-mail the couple at


Sally (Downs) Welch retired from West High School in 1995. She taught English for 28 years. Before that, she taught biology for two years at St. Marie High School. She also taught two years of English in Vermont.

IN MEMORIAM: Carmelo "Carmen" Cavalieri '59
March 8, 2008
Dover, New Hampshire

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