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Class Notes

Dorothy (Young) Carruthers writes: "In May 2008, we lost a member of our Round Robin letter group - Evelyn (French) Braunfeld, who was residing in Litchfield, N.H. That brings our original membership to three. However, we do have five who write, as Effie (Winn) Torrey took her sister Lillian's place and Sue (Dempsey) Olson writes in her mother Rose's spot. The three remaining original members are Marion (Dennis) Thorell, Betty (Baird) Brown, and myself. We lost Martha (Bishop) Wood in 2004. A monetary contribution in Evelyn's name will be made to KSC to add to the class of 1940's Recording Equipment Fund.
"William Wolffer, our class president, died in November 2005."

IN MEMORIAM: Evelyn Braunfeld '40
May 27, 2008
Litchfield, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: Charlotte Dunbar Lyon '42
March 17, 2007
New Fairfield, Connecticut


From Caroline "Nickie" Pregent: "Our reunion weather was glorious. Every day was well planned and a happy one. We missed all the classmates who were unable to join us. Our display of class memories drew the attention of many. The classmates who came to enjoy the weekend were: Barbara (Brown) Charbonneau, Mary (Farman) Bergeron, Louise (Whitten) Perkins, myself, Christine Sweeney, and Art and Pat Shedd and their son, Skip. Skip was such a help to all of us. We enjoyed the taking pictures, the annual parade, and a great luncheon. Many stories were retold, and we were all happy to be present.

Since we don't drive much at our age, we all agreed to meet on Sunday for the President's Brunch and said our good-byes. We are hoping to meet again in 2009 to celebrate KSC's 100th anniversary. We hope you've received copies of the questionnaires Norma Walker '51 sent out. Lou and I helped the alumni committee. The alumni staff and volunteers do a great amount of work to plan and execute their centennial plans. We enjoyed being a part of this activity.

On June 25, a large number of Golden Circle alumni met for lunch at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord, N.H. Phyllis (Buxton) Bodwell and Joan (Hall) McCarter were present. We shared memories and had a nice visit."


IN MEMORIAM: Eleanor W. Kerr '44
July 1, 2008
Centerville, Massachusetts


IN MEMORIAM: Stella Nowicki '45
December 3, 2007
Hinsdale, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: John A. Mosley '46
July 16, 2008
Keene, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Velma Rowe '46
April 3, 2008
Keene, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: Meredith Gauron '47
February 17, 2008
Seabrook, New Hampshire


Ellie (Smith) Butler writes: "We missed all of you who did not get back for our 60th reunion, but we knew you had us in your thoughts. Of the 22 left in our class, four of us returned. Jean (Harding) Maxwell, Joyce (Chickering) Jernberg, Maggie Parker (all the way from Hawaii), and I enjoyed reminiscing about the old days in Fiske and Huntress Hall. We wandered through the newly renovated Fiske trying to recall which rooms we occupied, remembered our old roommates, and let old memories surface of escapades we pulled off when Miss Esten was not watching.

"Sending regrets were Barbara (Bohuslov) Peterson, now living in Florida, and Carolyn Jo (Turner) Davis from California. Greetings were brought by Marjorie Soucy from Al Soucy and Herwood "Zeke" Curtis, who are now roommates in a nursing home in Newport. Mimi (White) Broadhead had hoped to drop in but said she may make a Golden Circle luncheon later.

"The campus is impressive with new buildings, manicured lawns, and beautiful shrubs. We are proud that the President and Trustees of N.H. have applied resources to build and maintain an institution that will celebrate 100 years in 2009. The spirit of excitement and energy is contagious. Will you plan to come back next year to experience it for yourself?"

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