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Class Notes

From Flora I. Perkins: "Elsie King is from the classes of '30, '51, and '61. She is to be commended. It takes a lot of time and energy to earn those degrees. She resides at a retirement home in Rochester, N.H. Elsie is well now but suffered with a broken leg last year. She continues to get around now with a walker. By the time these notes get to you she may be running races! In response to my plea, she sent a snapshot of herself, which I shall send a copy of to any classmate whose address I have. Elsie enjoys her apartment and especially the good food and kind nurses who care for her. She turned 99 on Jan. 8 this year. Her sister, who is only 95, lives on the third floor. According to her picture, she is not in her nineties but in her thirties. She has a kind and loving smile.

"A letter from Alan Burbank '89 let us know that his 'Nannie B' - Louise Marquis Harwood Burbank - celebrated her 99th birthday in November 2007. She is taking life easy at Cedarpoint Community in Lancaster, N.H. She reflects fondly on her days at Keene Normal School but thinks the tuition these days is outrageous.

"Doris E. Thompson continues to make her home in Bristol, Conn. She likes to read books and papers although she has one eye that gives her a lot of trouble lately. She has one son, David, whom she loves very much, and he and his family are devoted to her. Doris is 99 years old and hopes to celebrate her 100 years on September 25. I urge all of you to send her a birthday card or note. She has fond memories of Keene State College. Her address is: Sheriden Woods Healthcare, 321 Stonecrest Dr., Room 118, Bristol, CT 06010."

IN MEMORIAM: Elthea H. Hardy '30
May 25, 2007
Newington, Connecticut


IN MEMORIAM: Dorothy M. Calef '32
December 6, 2007
Keene, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Clarice Constant '32
December 22, 2007
Epsom, New Hampshire


Frances Shaughnessy has agreed to be a part of the Women's Oral History project being taught by Dr. Nicholas Germana at KSC. Each student in his class will become a historian by writing histories from the information they gather at each interview of an alumna. The student will gather supplementary material from yearbooks, newspapers, etc. Frances has been unable to attend Golden Circle luncheons due to poor health.

Grete (Palmer) Cole, from Sunapee, N.H., sent a nice note to Norma (Wright) Walker '51. She is very thoughtful.

IN MEMORIAM: Louise Whitehead '33
November 18, 2007
Falmouth, Massachusetts


Barbara (Auderer) Goodridge invited Norma (Wright) Walker '51 for lunch when she attended the Christmas Fair at Havenwood in Concord, N.H. Barbara was the first to be videotaped by Larry Benaquist, KSC film studies professor, for his Oral History of Keene State project.

Ruth (Nelson) Towle writes from Florida to say how much she enjoyed a recent issue of Keene State Today, especially the article about the renovation of Fiske Hall. This building was home to most of the female students who attended Keene Normal School.

IN MEMORIAM: Robert Girardin '34
January 28, 2008
Foxboro, Massachusetts


Bernice (Adams) Michael writes from a nursing home, where she is recovering from a dislocated shoulder and fracture that she received from falling over her dog. He was sleeping where he wasn't supposed to be.

Alberta "B" (Patch) Slegaitis has two new great grandchildren who were born last September. She is very proud. B attended the beautiful wedding of her granddaughter at Twin Lakes, N.Y. She was delighted to visit with all three sons. She is very busy playing board games and bridge and doing puzzles. B also uses the computer for research, e-mail, and the Internet.

IN MEMORIAM: Edward H. Farrar '35
January 21, 2008
Homosassa, Florida

IN MEMORIAM: Robert M. Piper '35
February 5, 2008
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: Josephine A. Penney '36
February 11, 2008
Melrose, Massachusetts


A wonderful article about Blanche "Scottie" (Bean) Smith appeared in the Concord, N.H., newspaper. She keeps in touch with many of the first graders who were in the class of '67. Her students have special memories of their favorite teacher.

Marion (Thorell) Sabin celebrated her 90th birthday in October with her family. They went to Charlestown, S.C. They did a lot of walking to see the sights even though it was cold. They enjoyed the Festival of Lights, which went on for miles.

Doris (Delaware) Piper was videotaped by Larry Benaquist, film studies professor, for his Oral History of Keene State project.

Hazeldean (Read) Smith, who lives in Medford, Ore., sent a picture of herself with Santa and another showing some of her crafts.


IN MEMORIAM: Carl G. Bartlett Sr. '39
Saco, Maine
December 16, 2007

IN MEMORIAM: Rowena F. Walsh '39
September 19, 2007
Dover, New Hampshire

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