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Stick With It No Matter What.
It's Going to Get Tough

by Genny Alexander

Kenney Kelley '15, right, and his proud mother, Stacey Kelley

For Kenney Kelley, not going to college was never an option. the high school he attended, match charter school in boston, has a 100% college placement rate of their graduates. the school has been around for nine years and the curriculum actively prepares students for college.

Kenney came to Keene State College because he liked the school and KSC had the best financial-aid package. His sister had attended UNH, but Kenney wanted to make his own way, not follow in her footsteps at the same school.

Keene State was not, at first, what Kenney expected it would be. He was used to being at a school where there was a very diverse population, but KSC was very "white." Kenney and his mother, Stacey, laughed about how, during freshman move-in, they counted the number of other black students they saw – maybe five. But Kenney is quick to say that even though Keene State is not as diverse as he assumed it would be, he has not had a hard time adjusting to being here.

When asked what advice he'd give students who are the first in their families to go to college, he said, "Stick with it no matter what. It's going to get tough. You're going to experience things you never thought of before, and you're going to miss your parents and your family. But as long as you stick with it, you'll do fine."

Thanks to the excellent high school that Kenney attended, the application process was not challenging for the Kelley family. The hardest part for Stacey was having Kenney leave their home, as he is the only son and the baby of the family. It's been a difficult transition no longer having him there.

Kenney, as a first-semester freshman, is taking a wide variety of classes to help him find his way. But he is very definite about his plans after graduation: Get a good job!

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