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Granny D Comes to Keene

Portrait of Granny D., Sissi Shattuck, 2007, oil
Photo by Mark Corliss

Congratulations to Keene State's Mason Library for receiving the Granny D Collection! The recent donation from the estate of political activist and icon Doris "Granny D" Haddock includes letters from Pete Seeger and Vice President Joe Biden, photographs, and other memorabilia.

Part of Mason Library's New Hampshire Social Justice Collection is available to students, faculty, the local community, and the public at large as a vital resource on social justice.

Chris Justice and Susan Peery

This issue represents numerous changes, at both Keene State College and Keene State Today. While many of these are overwhelmingly good, some are bittersweet – in this case, changes on the alumni magazine's staff.

For the past several years, the great stories and appealing visual content of Keene State Today have been created in large part through the many talents of Susan Peery, editor, and Chris Justice, graphic designer.

Together, Susan and Chris worked tirelessly to produce a journal that would draw people in to read about the exciting things happening at the college and among our alumni. And, as alumni, faculty and staff, and myriad other readers all know, they did a great job. Now these two professionals are passing the baton to a new team of people.

So, on behalf of everyone who has enjoyed Keene State Today, we thank both Susan Peery and Chris Justice for their wonderful contributions. We look forward to stepping up to the plate and striving to maintain the standards of excellence they set for Keene State College and our readers.

Thank you, Susan and Chris!

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