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Here's the inside scoop on what's happening at Keene State – a mere sampling of activity on this vibrant campus! If you are a KSC news hound, you can get KSC Newsline on an RSS feed and be even more in the know, and in the now.

Professor Bart Sapeta Wins Architecture Award

Professor Sapeta (left) and designer Jan Sawka photo by Mark Corliss

In January, architect Bartlomiej K. Sapeta, assistant professor of architecture at Keene State, and internationally renowned designer Jan Sawka received an Excellence in Architectural Design award (and a standing ovation) from the American Institute of Architects in Manchester, NH.

The award was given for their collaborative work on "Peace Monument, Jerusalem," a structure designed for a piece of land in the Old City of Jerusalem where the three monotheistic religious sectors (Christian, Jewish, and Islamic) intersect. The peace monument will honor the idea of peaceful coexistence and provide a center for symposia and activities furthering this mission.

Sawka designed the forest of white rods that soar toward the sky, symbolizing the dream of peace. Sapeta designed the conference center beneath it, inspired by the idea of ancient catacombs. He used cutting-edge technology, KSC's rapid prototyping machine, to make a precise and durable model of their design. Jan Sawka described the monument as "beautiful and bomb-proof."

Life in the 'Hood – Looking Good!

Carroll House photo by Lynn Roman '05

Carroll House Gallery's inaugural exhibit drew art students and alumni to the new space. Photo by Lynn Roman '05.

Now that the Alumni Center looks so beautiful, our neighbors are sprucing up to match. First to get a makeover was Hale, the historic Italianate building across the street. Keene State's Physical Plant professionals tore out overgrown shrubs, moved a ramp, poured new sidewalks, and extended the wrought-iron fencing that defines the College on Main Street. The result: a simple and elegant look that emphasizes the building's stately lines.

On the Alumni Center side of Main Street, our next-door neighbor, Carroll House, whose façade echoes that of the Barry Alumni Center, has been renovated to take on new life as a student art gallery and teaching center for the Art Department.

Art Professor Rosemarie Bernardi, beaming at the sight of students flocking into the opening show by guest artist Jarod Charzewski, said, "We will be able to invite Art Department alumni to mount their own exhibits, and showcase emeriti faculty work as well. The location next to the Alumni Center is perfect."

A Busy Summer on Campus

This summer, students will find a newly designed academic program offering full-semester courses in 34 disciplines. Room and board at reasonable weekly rates enables students to live on campus. It's all laid out at

Meanwhile, construction will begin in July on the new Technology, Design, and Safety (TDS) building, which will replace aging Adams and Butterfield Halls.

The original 1926 structures will be rebuilt (retaining the original Butterfield "cottage") so that all three programs will be housed in a single contiguous building, allowing greater integration of curriculum and interaction among its students, all of whom are studying some aspect of building and material sciences.

The new TDS building, which will face due south into the heart of campus, will feature state-of-the-art heating and cooling and other energy-efficient technology. The goal is to create a net-zero energy system. The building itself will be as high tech as the subjects being taught there!

Any alumni who wish to tour the current buildings before construction begins may do so by arranging a visit with Patty Farmer (358-2370) or Ken Goebel (358-2378).

Making Keene State Shine

Special congratulations go to students and faculty whose passion and hard work brings the College into the limelight. A few recent examples:

  • Poet and KSC English Professor William Doreski recently won the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition 2010 poetry award. Aesthetica is a British art and culture journal. Doreski has taught creative writing at Keene State since 1982 and has published more than 400 poems and 16 books of poetry, criticism, and memoir
  • Biology major Amanda Izzo's annotated poster, "Transcriptional Activation and Repression by LuxR in Vibrio harveyi," was published in the fall 2010 issue of the online undergraduate research journal Metamorphosis.
  • Theatre and dance major Allison Relihan '12, an exceptional actor, is spending the semester at the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT, a rigorous, conservatory-based approach to theatre training. She will also travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, to work with master teachers.
  • NH-INBRE (New Hampshire Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) is a collaborative effort of two- and four-year colleges in the state to support and expand original biomedical scientific research. Two Keene State biology professors, Dr. Loren Launen and Dr. Susan Whittemore, have received funding for pilot projects that will teach student researchers highly technical skills while working on real-life issues in biology. The NH-INBRE website is hosted by Dartmouth Medical School at

By the Numbers

Do you know Keene State? Memorize these facts and impress your friends!

Student enrollment – Fall 2010:

  • Undergraduate 4,987
  • Graduate 99
  • Continuing Education 652
  • Total 5,738

Number of faculty:

  • Full-time 194
  • Part-time 265

Most popular undergraduate majors:

  • Education (most highly declared major)
  • Health science
  • Safety studies
  • Psychology
  • Management
  • Film
  • English
  • Sociology

Percentage of students who are:

  • First-generation college students: 44%
  • Members of Greek organizations: 3%
  • Living on campus: 54%
  • From New Hampshire: 53%

Cost of attendance, 2010-11

Tuition & Fees New Hampshire
Tuition (full-time) $7,650 $15,820
Room (multiple) $5,630 $5,630
Board (19-meal plan) $3,040 $3,040
Mandatory Fees $2,490 $2,490
Total Basics $18,810 $26,980

Financial aid, FY2006 and FY2010

Percent of degree-seeking undergraduates awarded financial aid:

  • FY06: 86%
  • FY10: 90%

Federal loans:

  • FY06: $18,165,181
  • FY10: $32,451,314

Stafford loans:

  • FY06: $11,808,098
  • FY10: $23,616,488

Grants and scholarships (institutional):

  • FY06 $5,209,940
  • FY10 $7,016,086

Total financial aid awarded:

  • FY06: $37,266,282
  • FY10: $57,225,963

Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame

Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame photo by Mark Corliss

On February 5, five outstanding athletes were inducted into the Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame: Diana Robbins '84 (diving), Kim Heyl '85 AS (field hockey), Robin Briggs-Rolli '84 (cross country, track, and Nordic skiing), Heather Boisvere-Langone '97 (women's soccer), and Chris Coates '04 (men's basketball).