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Alumni Notebook

News from the KSC Alumni Association

by Sue Fortier

Reunion photo by Al Karevy '79

Roots and Wings

2011 Events of Interest
  • May 7
    – Commencement 2011
  • June 3-5
    – Alumni Reunion Weekend
  • June - November
    – Golden Circle Luncheons
  • September 30 - October 2
    – Parent and Family Weekend
  • October 14-15
    – Homecoming
  • October 22
    – Keene PumpkinFest
News and Updates

Memories of Keene State College are as rich and varied as the personalities of all of us who call Keene State our alma mater. Generationally, we may have different connections to our College. Our school's community-responsive mission and global events have shaped and changed KSC over the past 101 years just as they have shaped our own experiences and memories.

If you were here in the early days, you are most likely an educator. You are also most likely female. Those two factors probably defined your experience at KSC. With the introduction of the GI Bill, Keene Teachers College's program of studies, its culture, and its student body changed dramatically.

In the decades that followed, the College grew in size: the student body grew as the academic program and the infrastructure needed to support it expanded. Again, changing dynamics within the College influenced our experiences and memories. Yet, because Keene State College has always been a mission-driven institution – with time-honored values and principles – we all share many experiences and memories.

First, we chose Keene State College (or Keene Normal School or Keene Teachers College) to turn our teenaged hopes and dreams into professions. Second, we have turned our college experiences and learning into careers that have not only served us well, but also transformed our organizations and communities. Collectively, our Keene State experiences have had a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people.

I think it is fair to say that for all 25,000-plus of us, Keene State College gave us both roots and wings. From our founding in 1909 to today, Keene State has provided an enriching environment where young adults have come to discover themselves and develop the skills needed to contribute to an ever-changing world. It has been a place to develop lifelong friendships and memories. It has been a launching pad not only for successful careers, but also for community service that has improved quality of life around the world. More than 25,000 of us are now exemplars of the Keene State College motto, "Enter to learn, go forth to serve."

I love Keene State College. I am thankful for the experiences, memories, friendships, and skills that I developed here. I appreciate how KSC has continued to evolve in the 25 years since my graduation – how it has responded to emerging opportunities like health sciences and sustainable product design, while also taking the lead on issues like genocide. And, as the mother of a current Keene State student, I am grateful for an administration and faculty that has even more ambitious goals for the development of our institution and how we, as KSC alums, can change the world for the better – whether in our business, our community, or our world.

Sue Fortier '86
KSC Alumni Association