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Tough Times, Strong Commitments

This issue of Keene State Today will hit the streets just as the College is dealing with the effects of a nearly 50-percent cut to our state appropriation. In real dollars, that's a cut of $6,318,860 to our annual operating budget. These are tough times for the State of New Hampshire and for the University System of New Hampshire. Keene State College is committed to doing its level best to support our state and minimize the impact of these cuts on our students.

In fact, the College is strengthening those commitments in important ways. First, we are redoubling our commitment to academic quality. We are strengthening programs, maintaining regional and national accreditations, and increasing standards as we focus on what students need to be successful in their lives and careers in an increasingly competitive job market. For evidence of that in this issue, please see our story "Partners in Science" (page 4) and read the profiles of graduating seniors (page 10) to appreciate the breadth and depth of Keene State's educational experience.

Second, we are addressing the needs of our community and our state head on. More and more, our academic programs are engaging directly with the community through service learning, internships, and undergraduate research. The number of students who volunteer has never been higher. We are also addressing the workforce needs of our state as we proudly introduce a new nursing program in fall 2011. Please read "Educating the Nurse of the Future" on page 18 for more on this exciting new major.

Third, even in the face of dramatic budget cuts, we have increased our financial aid budget. We have to. A college education has never been more important, and Keene State has a core commitment to access and affordability. We make an extra effort to assist our most needy students. It's part of who we are.

The importance of our alumni, friends, and community in helping us achieve our mission is critical. You help us educate our students through your support of our programs and your direct involvement. You make college affordable for our students through your incredible generosity.

Our commitment to academic excellence and student success is unwavering. Our investment in our community continues unabated. But in difficult times, it's good to know we have alumni and friends who are just as committed to our success. Great things are ahead in the new academic year. Thank you for helping us achieve them.

Mel Netzhammer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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