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Alumni Notebook

News from the KSC Alumni Association

by Sue Fortier and Alan Hodsdon

Sue Fortier photoIt has been a pleasure to serve as your Keene State College Alumni Association president for the past two years. When I joined the Alumni Association board six years ago, my main objective was to encourage more fellow alums to reconnect with our great college in whatever way worked for them.

Six years later, the past two of which I have served as your Alumni Association president, I can say that we have made great strides toward my main objective. In recent years, alumni have reconnected with the Keene State community by serving as mentors to current students, sitting with seniors to conduct mock job interviews and give feedback to their résumés, and participating as partners in student events such as Chalk Talk, the annual student leader etiquette dinner, and the senior class dinner.

In addition, we are expanding our outreach through traditional alumni events like Homecoming and Alumni Weekend and new ones like WinterFest, and through our increased use of social media to communicate and connect.

I think one of our most significant accomplishments over the past few years is that we clarified the role of our Alumni Association within the larger Keene State community. Our new committee and staffing structures better reflect the role that our Alumni Association can play within the college system.

Today, we have an established place within the leadership structure of the College – we are now viewed as mission partners by the administration, faculty, and staff.

Fellow alums, Keene State is OUR college. It is ours to celebrate and ours to advance. Our college needs us – it needs you. I hope you will consider one of the many opportunities to become more involved with the Keene State College Alumni Association.

It has been a privilege to work with such fabulous alumni volunteers and the magnificent staff who serve us so well. Thank you for the opportunity.

Sue Fortier '86
Outgoing President
KSC Alumni Association


Those of you who have had the opportunity to work with Sue over the past six years, and in particular the past two of her presidency, will understand when I say that she has set a high standard and created new momentum for the organization that we need to work hard to continue.

The thing that always strikes me about Reunion is the smiles; everyone seems happy to be there. It may be meeting old friends, it may be the beauty of the campus in late spring (particularly this year), it may be the new friends made during the weekend or the pleasant surprises we find about the changes that have occurred since our last visit. I know that one of the reasons is a common bond we all share, a spirit that is rekindled every time we return.

Sue is right – the association has made great strides over the past several years, and we need to keep that momentum going. We need to be innovative in keeping up with the modern forms of communication, without forgetting that a smile and a hug from old and new friends go a long way.

If you have ever observed the Golden Circle alums at a gathering, the "twitter" they have is as wonderful in their support for the College as is the Twitter that today's grads use to keep in touch. We need to embrace both.

If you were at Reunion and you haven't yet checked out the photos, please do. They will make you smile and look forward to next year.

The Alumni Association has a great staff and a dedicated board of directors who want to support the College and all alumni. I invite you to work with us in continuing to expand our outreach, our programs, and our support for Keene State College.

Alan Hodsdon '68,
New President,
KSC Alumni Association

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