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Honor Roll of Donors

Please note the Honor Roll of Donors is updated annually in conjunction with the winter edition of Keene State Today. Each gift recieved by the College has a positive impact on students and is appreciated by the College. We are proud to recognize our donors in accordance to their wishes in the next Winter edition of the magazine.

Listing donations received between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. Next page

Thank You for Making Keene State Special

The centennial celebrations of 2009 brought focus to extraordinary moments in Keene State College's first 100 years. From humble beginnings in 1909 as a normal school for aspiring teachers right through the dedication of the David F. Putnam Science Center last August, KSC has been a leader in the region and the state, known for innovation, service, and excellence.

We thank the many donors listed here, who have strengthened the school over the past fiscal year with their generous support. The total dollars raised last year have had a huge impact on the landscape of our campus through academic programs, scholarship funds, and our physical setting. For me, the bigger message is the significant increase in alumni donors – a 35% increase over the last year. For Keene State College, this means that our base of support is growing, and this translates well for the future. Participation is the key to a healthy fundraising future, which will, in turn, translate into a healthier Keene State College.

Equally impressive was the level of realized bequests through previously created estate plans. Planned gifts from wills and estate plans are often the largest gifts the College will ever receive and also the largest gift a donor will ever give. These planned gifts are not just from “really old people!” Some planned gifts even produce income for the donor and create income tax deductions while providing support for the College.

As you review the list, you may see the names of your best friends or your roommate. Or you might be reminded of classmates you've been out of touch with. Feel free to contact our Alumni Office to help renew lost connections, and please contact me with any other questions regarding gifts to Keene State College.

Most of all, please know that the College truly appreciates every gift.

Ken Goebel
Director of Development