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From the Vice President for Advancement

Dr. Helen Giles-Gee calls it "A Time to Soar" in the President's report, and for Keene State College, it is, indeed. As a relative newcomer to Keene State, I have been excited to find that the College is positioned exactly in the center of our complex society.

Living in a more global society means that we must find more sustainable ways to live, embrace relationships with people who are different, understand that there is more to life than work, and recognize that service to others makes us all better neighbors. And that is what Keene State College strives to do today. These inspiring values, along with others nourished throughout our history, are embodied in our new Academic Plan and the president's vision.

As an institution that helps students to successfully pursue their individual dreams, Keene State has constructed areas of expertise that mirror where our community and nation find themselves. Whether it is sustainable product design and architecture, research and production of biodiesel for the local market, partnering with local businesses to train workers for precision manufacturing, or teaching students through integrative learning models that mimic real life, KSC is not only attuned to the needs of our community, but is also meeting those needs right now. And we couldn't do that without the help of our many friends and partners.

Reaching out to help others succeed has been a hallmark of Keene State College since its founding. Every alumnus, professor, or staff member can tell stories like the ones in this issue of Keene State Today – stories of lives touched and transformed through generosity and service. T

he spirit of this great institution is vibrant and thriving. Our many alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends, and neighbors share gifts of time, resources, and connections on a daily basis – providing scholarships to help students complete their degrees, taking time to mentor a student, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, or any one of a myriad of ways of being a good citizen.

Thank you for giving of yourself to the Keene State community, and thank you for welcoming me into your wonderful family.

Maryann Lindberg
Vice President for Advancement

Thank You for Your Generosity
The centennial celebrations of 2009 brought focus to extraordinary moments in Keene State College's first 100 years. From humble beginnings in 1909 as a normal school for aspiring teachers right through the dedication of the David F. Putnam Science Center last August, KSC has been a leader in the region and the state, known for innovation, service, and excellence.

To see the impact of your generosity to Keene State, please check our online list of donors to the College in the past fiscal year. The money you donated last year has had a huge impact on the landscape of our campus through academic programs, scholarship funds, and our physical setting.

As you can see in this chart, a banner accomplishment during our centennial year was receiving funding for the first two endowed chairs in the history of the College. (They are the Cohen Chair in Holocaust and Genocide Studies and the David F. Putnam Chair in Chemistry.) We have also witnessed a significant increase in alumni giving, a key to the future success of Keene State.

Thank you!