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Moving Pictures
Wish you could get a better feel for what life at Keene State is really like these days?

Take a look at our new admissions video made by Heartwood Media in Manchester, New Hampshire.

It features some beautiful footage of the KSC experience (on campus and in the world) and interviews with students, alumni, faculty members, and the president. See which of those smiling faces you recognize!

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Transitions in the Honors Program
Dr. Margaret Walsh has been named the new director of the Keene State College Honors Program. She'll build on the work of Dr. Beatriz Torres and Dr. Helen Frink.

Dr. Frink, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the program for eighteen months, retired from the college at the end of the fall 2009 semester.

Keene Writes
Keene State participated in the October 20 National Day of Writing with an all-day event. Students, faculty, and staff submitted published work to share and participated in writing exercises for fun and prizes.

In addition, ongoing online galleries of written work were started for the Student Gallery and for college faculty and staff.

Good Company
New Hampshire Magazine included President Helen Giles-Gee on its 2009 "It List" list.

Each year the magazine creates a list of the 25 "most fascinating and happening people in New Hampshire." Dr. Giles-Gee made the cut for her work at Keene State and her vision for the future of the College.

Joining her on the "guest list for the ultimate dinner party" are authors Dan Brown and Jodi Picoult, comedian Juston McKinney, filmmakers Ken Burns and (KSC honorary degree recipient) Dayton Duncan, musician Tom Rush, John H. Sununu, and the oldest person in the United States, Mary Josephine Ray of Westmoreland.

New Women's Lounge
The Keene State President's Commission on the Status of Women is opening a Women's Lounge on the first floor of Keddy House in January.

Volunteers are working hard to make it a successor to the Women's Resource Center that existed years ago and that ceased operation in the 1990s. Commission co-chairs Dr. Nick Germana and Shawna Perrin hope the new center will be a hub for information about programs and services for women in the Keene State College and wider Keene communities – a place for women and allies to find both useful information and a warm and inviting social atmosphere.

The lounge will also support book groups and film study groups, as well as programming around issues such as sexual assault, body image, and eating disorders.

For more information on the new lounge, or to offer your ideas about programming or speakers, contact Shawna at or Nick at

Candice Bosse's Coffee Shop Encounter
Candice Bosse is a second-year assistant professor, teaching women's studies and Spanish. Her first book, Becoming and Consumption, focused on contemporary Spanish novels. On a trip to Honduras four years ago, Bosse met three academics who took her out for coffee to educate her about conditions for women writers in developing countries. Bosse asked them whose work she should be reading to get better informed about Honduras.

"Here," they told her, "women don't write."

That phrase stuck with Bosse and inspired her second book, Las Voces de la Mujer Hondureña, or Voices of Honduran Women, which will focus on the work of six Honduran women poets.

Thanks to a grant from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation, Bosse was able to go back to Honduras in the summer of 2009 (arriving in the midst of the recent military coup) to interview contemporary women poets. What she found is that women in Honduras face unusually high barriers to education, and, once educated, to publication.

In December, Bosse gave a keynote address at La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH) and another address at Universidad Pedagogica de Honduras. She's received an advance contract for her book from Editorial Guaymuras, a Honduran publisher, and has applied for a Fulbright Fellowship to spend an academic year teaching and researching at UNAH.

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See It at the Thorne

The biennial Art Faculty Exhibition at the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery on campus runs from January 22 to February 28, 2010, with a January 22 public reception from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Past faculty exhibits have been exciting showcases of the talent behind the teaching; this one promises to be no different. And while you've got your calendars out: The annual student exhibition, "Emerging Art," will run April 17 to May 8, 2010, with an April 16 public reception from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

GEO Photo Contest

KSC student Brennan Natoli won first place in the category "Culture" in the photo contest sponsored by the Global Education Office. Brennan took the photo in Monterey Bay, California.

By the Numbers

  • Student Phonathon fund-raising calls per night of calling: 750
  • Beverages (water and soda) consumed during student Phonathon fund-raising calling annually: 560
  • Percent of donations received by checks last year: 71
  • Percent of donations received by online giving last year: 3
  • Average alumni gift in FY09: $71.55
  • Price of naming rights for the new Alumni Center: $2,000,000
  • Price of naming rights for the recycling area in the new Alumni Center: $5,000
  • Pounds of food contributed at Keene State during a recent food drive through KSC's food service provider, Sodexo: 538.5625
  • Thanksgiving baskets donated through Keene State's 2009 Thanksgiving drive: 142
  • Years Keene State has had an annual Thanksgiving drive: 24
  • Percent of 2008 graduates who took at least one class that incorporated service learning: 75
  • Number of hours spent by all KSC students in for-credit service-learning activities in 2008: 438,101
  • Plants donated by Keene Normal School during World War I to local students and families: 12,000
  • Number of endowed scholarships received from donor funding: 86

Strength in Numbers at PKD Walk

Keene State athletic trainer Nancy Bleam thought that she would be joined by only a few supporters at the annual walk to raise money to fight polycystic kidney disease in Worcester, Massachusetts, last fall.

But Bleam found a busload of 25 Keene State athletes and student trainers there to meet her. Bleam was participating in her second walk after receiving a life-saving kidney transplant two years ago.

Members of the KSC field hockey and men's lacrosse teams and student athletic trainers made all the plans while Athletic Director John Ratliff provided the bus. Dianne Arsenault, an accountant in the athletic department, served as chaperone. Following the walk, Keene State was given an award for having the largest fund-raising contingent at the event.

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