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Alumni Notebook

News from the KSC Alumni Association

by Sue Fortier

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Counting Our Blessings
I hope that for most people reading this column, the job you are in (or retired from) feels like a blessing. It taps into your unique talents, passion, and values … probably at least some of which were shaped during your time at Keene State College.

I hope that similarly, the KSC calling of "Enter to learn, go forth to serve" has led you to volunteer opportunities that tap into your unique talents, passion, and values for the betterment of your community.

As I reflect on my one-year anniversary of serving as your KSC Alumni Association president, I feel blessed to have been able to apply my talents, passion, and values to our most important work. Together, we have accomplished several amazing things over the past year. Most notably, we witnessed the opening of the Alumni Center – a home for the 25,000 current KSC alumni and the many more that will follow us in the years ahead. This has been our dream, and now, together, we have created this legacy – a permanent gathering place for all KSC alumni and a place for us to connect with current students and the larger community. What a blessing! I hope you are as proud as I am of what we've left behind.

As proud, excited, and happy as I am, I feel somewhat as I did when my husband Steve '86 and I bought our first house. It was a building. It was up to us to make it our home. It was up to us to decide what happened within our walls, to make connections, to shape lives, to make memories. As KSC alumni, we are all at that same place. How will our new Alumni Center connect us with each other and with 5,000 current students and the larger Keene community? How will our Alumni Center be used as a tool to shape lives? What memories will we create as we move forward as a community?

Some of this work has already begun in earnest. This year, members of the Alumni Association and Alumni and Parent Relations staff have been actively involved in creating opportunities for connecting with students. We have been working with the Academic and Career Advising Office to review student résumés and do mock interviews. We partnered with Student Affairs on programs such as the Student Center's etiquette dinner for leadership development. We collaborated with more than a dozen academic departments to engage alumni through guest lectures, career fairs, workshops, and performances.

I look forward to working with you to continue this important work. Please share your talents, passion, and values to help Keene State College continue to grow in prominence and impact. Regardless of how long ago you "entered to learn," we still need you to "go forth to serve" the Keene State College community.

Sue Fortier '86
Alumni Association President