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Alumni Notebook News from the KSC Alumni Association

KSC. Keene State College. Keene State Community. The words "college" and "community" seem interchangeable to me. Sure, Keene State is first and foremost a college. But most of us who are active – as a student, alumnus, faculty or staff member, or parent – also feel that we are part of a community.

In a community, relationships are seamless and enduring, extending beyond the boundaries of the campus. Take the everyday conversations at social or professional events all over the country that uncover the shared experience of attending Keene State College. "So, where did you go to college?" "Oh, I went to Keene State." "Get out … me, too!" "What year?" Or consider the many "Girls' Weekends" that my KSC friends and I have enjoyed over nearly 25 years, or my husband Steve's recent celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of his fraternity. Hopefully, you have experienced both seamless and enduring KSC relationships in your life, whether you are a recent graduate or a member of our Golden Circle.

This is what the Keene State College experience is all about. My son, Sean, a freshman, has nearly twice as many students in his KSC community as I did when we graduated in 1986. Yet, when I talk with him and his friends, their list of best qualities about the Keene State experience is similar to mine. A sense of community is always at the top of the list. Despite the doubling of enrollment in the past 25 years, students still appreciate that they can know, and be known by, so many fellow students and, at least as importantly, our wonderful faculty and staff.

Like you, I am grateful to the faculty at Keene State College for what I learned and the skills I gained. Beyond that, Keene State has provided us with opportunities to be part a college community that is small enough that each person's contribution is needed and valued. I am very excited about the opportunities presented by our new Alumni Center to further cultivate and nourish these relationships. So reach out to your KSC friends near and far, and join us for Reunion Weekend 2010 as we celebrate the community that is Keene State College. Please come to enjoy the hospitality and camaraderie of the Alumni Center, our home at Keene State. You can register online at See you in June!

Sue Fortier '86,
Alumni Association President