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Alumni Notebook

News from the KSC Alumni Association

by Sue Fortier

New Board Members and Officers

Linda Lacey '73 and Brian Parda '01 were both reelected to second three-year terms on the Keene State Alumni Association Board.

Martha LaFleur '67, Mark Metivier '06, and John Mitchell '88 were elected to their first three-year terms.

The 15-member board helps assess the needs of more than 25,000 alumni with regard to information, career support, and campus connections, and works to develop and execute a strategic plan that incorporates programs and services for students and alumni.

Getting Connected

Can you still conjure up the smell of the cafeteria food in the old Zorn? Or in the basement of Fiske? Then you're connected.

We're connected - you and I and about 25,000 other alumni of Keene State College, Keene Teachers College, and Keene Normal School. One hundred one years of history and tradition connect us. A great education connects us. Lifetime friendships and memories connect us.

My husband, Steve '86, and I have enjoyed reconnecting with the Keene State College community in several amazing ways over the past year alone.

In June, we celebrated the opening of our beautiful new Alumni Center with hundreds of other alums, current students, and others from our KSC community. We spent that whole weekend with several hundred alums in Keene for reunion festivities. The class of '85, one year ahead of us, adopted us for the weekend.

In early September, I watched as Steve and his teammates from the 1985 cross-country team held a 25th anniversary celebration of their third-place finish at the NCAA Division II national championships. It was so amazing to see a group of guys, most of whom had not seen each other in nearly 25 years, reconnect as if no time had passed at all.

There are all kinds of affinity events like this taking place each year with various clubs, teams, academic and professional groups, fraternities and sororities, and other groups.

Steve and I have been at the welcoming ceremonies for incoming students - the clap-in and New Student Convocation - and good-bye ceremonies for our seniors - Commencement and the clap-out. Sometimes, we just walk the campus to see what has changed and appreciate what has not. Inevitably, stories of our great time at KSC flow between us. All of these opportunities are available to you as well.

Reconnect with us. Reconnect with your Keene State College community. Steve and I have a son who is now a sophomore at Keene State, so we share stories back and forth.

The benefits of attending Keene State College whenever you did - whether you went to school with B. Patch in 1935, Matt Gill in 2010, or somewhere in between - are clear to you from your personal and professional accomplishments.

You can picture your closest friends and the professors who influenced you the most.

You can still smell the food in the cafeteria - whether it was in the basement of Fiske, the old Zorn, or the new Zorn (which, personally, I feel should be called a restaurant!). You remember a class where both the professor and your classmates created a great space for learning and growing.

Let's celebrate these memories and our connection with Keene State College. I look forward to seeing you soon.
- Sue Fortier '86
Alumni Association President

Editor's note:
We recently figured out that the Fortier family has cornered the athletic fields (and the pool) in just two generations. Sue was a swimmer, diver, and athletic trainer; Steve ran cross country and starred in indoor and outdoor track (captain and All-East); Steve's sister Shelly played field hockey (captain and All-East), and Sue and Steve's son, Sean '13, is currently playing soccer for KSC. Now that's a legacy! (No pressure, Sean.)