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First, let me say what an honor it is to be serving as president of your Alumni Association – especially at such an exciting time for the Keene State College family.

Our 100th birthday has provided the entire Keene State community with the opportunity for both reflection and renewal. Through the leadership of President Helen Giles-Gee, Vice President for Advancement Maryann Lindberg, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Patty Farmer, and my colleagues on the Alumni Association's Board of Directors, we hope to engage you and the more than 25,000 other alumni in celebrating our shared history as graduates, and interest you and our many parents and family members in several new initiatives.

The College's commitment to strengthening alumni relations – among alumni and between alumni and students – can be seen in the resources it is providing in support of the new visions and plans.

If you have visited campus or passed through Keene recently, you know that construction is well under way for our Alumni Center on the corners of Main and Winchester streets. Construction crews are setting the bricks and mortar, but a variety of Alumni Association volunteers and college staff are working to make our new house a home.

The Alumni Center will be an anchor, a meeting place, a focal point for all alumni programs and gatherings. It will host career and student mentorship programs, Reunion banquets, class and affinity group meetings, all kinds of campus and community events, photographs and memorabilia from 100 years of academic life, and the entire College Advancement division staff (Alumni and Parent Relations, Development, Online Communications, College and Media Relations, and Advancement Services).

Our new Alumni Center and all of the new programs and services it will support are not the only commitments the College is making to its graduates. The Alumni and Parent Relations department was recently restructured and two new positions were added. This will allow the staff and our Alumni Association to increase our outreach to alums for greater impact on the College and its students.

During my presidency, my goal is to match the College's commitment to us by increasing our alumni commitments to the College.

In 100 amazing years of our shared history, we have never had an opportunity like this to extend our participation in the Keene State College community. The new Alumni Center and increased staff will help support our visions and plans.

Our roles are different now from when we were students, but we can still have fun and still create great memories! In the first four years on the Alumni Association Board of Directors I have made many great friends, I have had a lot of fun, and I have gained new skills – just like in my years here as a student.

There are many ways for you to get involved again with your College. If you make that commitment, not only will it be a great benefit to the College, I am confident that you, too, will gain new friends, new skills, and new memories.

I look forward to working with you.

Passing the Torch
Susan Fortier photo by Chris Justice
Susan Fortier

David Gagne '73, outgoing president of the Alumni Association board of directors, served KSC alumni well during his four-year term. David's generous mentoring of KSC students, can-do spirit, and willingness to work hard is shared by so many alumni and the whole Alumni Association board. Thank you, David!

We welcome new Alumni Association board president Sue Fortier '86 (that's Sue in the photo).

Homecoming is changing, too, and will get a new look for Keene State's second century. Based on feedback from alumni, students, and others, we are taking the time to envision a new Homecoming weekend for 2010.

The event will not be held this year, but a task force of alumni, current board members, students, and staff will get right to work to revive some beloved traditions and create an event that is meaningful for all ages.

To join the renovation team or simply make a suggestion, please call me (603-358-2370). Check the alumni webpage for updates.
- Patty Farmer
Alumni and Parent Relations Director

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