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100 Great Things About Keene State College
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Why I Love My Major:
“I picked Keene State when I learned about the new media arts center. I like my major because it is so hands-on. Professor Larry Benaquist is a mentor who wants me to succeed. He goes beyond the classroom in helping find internships for me. This year I filmed a 35-minute movie called Little Rooms.”
– Kristine Trutor
Why I Love My Major:
Annelies Spykman photo by Mark Corliss
“I love the opportunity to not only learn about issues going on around the world, but also to take them apart and ask why they are happening, and what we can do to make them better. My eyes have been opened to so much.”
– Annelies Spykman '09,
Why I Love My Major:
Chloe Marie Holmes photo by Ann Card
“I loved studying mathematics at Keene State because math is so challenging and requires great creativity. The professors are friendly and open, knowledgeable, and willing to meet with students outside the classroom. It's a great community of students and faculty.”
– Chloe Marie Holmes '08
Why I Love My Major:
Environmental Studies
“I am working on an individualized major in environmental studies. I want to learn how to effectively communicate the complexities of human interaction with nature. Eventually, I would like to help people understand where their energy comes from and how they can use it more efficiently.”
– Antje Hornbeck
Why I Love My Major:
Music Education
Greg Dippell photo by Mark Corliss
“I love having the opportunity to learn about what I love to do, which is play music. I consider Professor Baldini to be my mentor. He has so much experience in the field and is such a great help.”
– Greg Dippell
Why I Love My Major:
Secondary Education and History
“I picked KSC because it has a good reputation in the education field and a wonderful campus community. I love my major because I will be able to help children in the future. I've had a passion to teach since I was in the third grade. I plan to become a high school history teacher and then move up to principal.”
– Jared K. Pierce
Why I Love My Major
“I'd like to mention a professor: Mr. J (Ray Jobin) in the Education Department. He has been at KSC since 1966 and has also contributed to the Keene community by teaching elementary school at Wheelock. He's an extremely supportive teacher!”
– Kelli Aldrich
Why I Love My Major:
Beth Neuhardt photo by Mark Corliss
“I love that there are so many opportunities in chemistry. I look forward to going to graduate school and continuing research in chemistry.”
– Beth Neuhardt '09
Why I Love My Major:
Theatre and Dance
“PeggyRae Johnson, professor of theatre and dance, is a professor who truly understands the purpose of education. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, mentoring students, aiding them in scene selection for the Kennedy Center festival, advising students in course selection and career opportunities, and directing a full-length play every year. She never waivers in support of her students.”
– Justin Gray
Why I Love My Major:
Athletic Training
Matt Cutts photo
“Once I started taking classes in athletic training, I knew I had found my calling. I knew I wanted to work at the highest and most intense job in the field. And to me that meant the NFL.”
– Matt Cutts '08,
New England Patriots intern, 2007
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