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100 Great Things About Keene State College
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Sizzlers photo by Mark Corliss

McDonald's has its Big Mac, Burger King has its Whopper, and Keene State has its Sizzler.

The brainchild of Gino Vallante and the Sodexo crew, the tantalizing gyro-like sandwich has drawn hungry students to the Night Owl Café for the past four years.

Made to order and served quickly, the combination of chicken and/or beef, veggies, cheese, and of course your favorite sauce continues to have students sizzling for more.

The sign in front of the Student Center might read: more than 130,000 served to date (and counting).

Spring Weekend Concerts
Spring Weekend photos courtesy SAC

Sponsored by the Social Activities Council, Spring Weekend concerts have always been a big ticket on campus.

Artists representing genres from country to rock to hip-hop and rap, not to mention a few comedy shows, have taken the Spaulding Gym stage over the years. Several bands, including Bare Naked Ladies, Toad-the-Wet-Sprocket, and the B-52s played Keene State for a relatively reasonable cost before hitting it big.

It takes big bucks (a.k.a. student fees) to bring in big-time bands these days. The final price tag on last spring's sold-out O.A.R. concert was in the $100,000 range.

The Vegan Station in the Dining Commons
Lettuce photo

Hungry students who prefer a strict vegetarian diet (no seafood, dairy, or animal products or byproducts) head for the vegan line.

Charlotte Kittredge, a 15-year D.C. employee, has been the head chef of the vegan line since its inception six years ago. Her job is to come up with a variety of vegan dishes each day, including a soup, salad, entrée, and hummus wrap.

Kittredge prepares all her offerings from scratch. Eight to 10 percent of students who come to the Zorn choose vegan food, with converts adding to that number every day. "They want to eat healthy and get away from processed foods," Kittredge said.

Social Activities Council
Concert photo by Chris Justice

Run by a nine-person executive board and a general membership of 50 to 60 students, the Social Activities Council (SAC) meets weekly to plan social-related activities and events for Keene State students.

Given an annual budget (about $170,000 last year) from the Student Assembly, which gets its overall funds from student fees, SAC surveys students for preferences about activities and groups to bring to campus, especially for Spring Weekend.

SAC also helps with Parent and Family Weekend and other events, according to Jen Ferrell, coordinator of student activities.

Greek Life
Photo by Bud Winsor

“ "During the time I spent at KSC (1965-1971), the overwhelming 'greatest thing' was my participation in the brotherhood of Kappa Delta Phi. Yes, I'm aware of the stereotypes, some of which are even true, but there was a lot more to it than that.

It was in Kappa that I learned to work hard toward a common goal, be it remodeling a fraternity house, planning activities, raising money, or a score of other things. It was in Kappa that I began a lifetime of philanthropy. I had no idea how all those Kappa blood-drives, holiday parties for underprivileged kids in Keene, and numerous other charitable ventures we conducted would change my life forever.

It is my fervent wish that Kappa will be reborn so that the lessons learned, the memories made, and the friendships cemented in time by the hundreds of brothers since 1921 will be able to be carried on by others. As we Kappa men say whenever we talk or correspond, 'May the spirit never die'!”

– Marty Kadel '71
“Greek life – Psi Upsilon.”
– Shannon Aubin,
“Greek life – Delta Phi Epsilon international sorority.”
– Melissa Carriero,
Photo by Chris Justice
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