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That Man Standing Behind Eleanor Roosevelt …

On page 7 of your Winter 2008 issue, you show a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt. Behind her is a policeman who served as Mrs. Roosevelt's bodyguard while she was in Keene that day in 1945. He was my father, William T. Bridgham Sr. He became the police chief in 1952 and led the department for many years.

My father was an ardent fan of the Roosevelts. He told me, later in his life, that he was thrilled and honored to have accompanied Mrs. Roosevelt that day. I am sure he had many conversations with fellow officer Tommy Qualters about the Roosevelts. Tommy, who became Keene's police chief in 1949, had played football with my father at St. John's Prep in Danvers, Mass., but more importantly, he had been President Roosevelt's personal bodyguard for eight years before leaving to join the OSS (now CIA) during World War II.

Both Tommy and my dad inspired me with their dedication to serve their community and country, and I tried to emulate them while I served my country for 34 years in the U.S. Marine Corps.

– William T. Bridgham Jr. '62

A Grand Encounter

Professor Suzanne Castriotta forwarded this note, which she received from Dr. Ron Tourgee, emeritus faculty in Computer Science.

My wife and I had just got into our car at Grand Canyon, Arizona, when three women walked by and noticed the New Hampshire license plate. One came over to Barbara and asked which part of the state she was from. When Barbara said "Keene," the woman smiled and said, "I went to Keene State and I met my husband there!" I replied, "I taught there for 39 years." The woman answered, "Oh my gosh, you were my teacher in 1975! I took a calculus class with you."

The woman was Joan (Jewell) Frusciante '75, traveling with her mother, Rosemary Jewell, and her friend Niki (Rogers) McGettigan '75. Niki is the principal of Temple Elementary School in Temple, N.H.

While we were in Florida, we spent an evening with Sherman Lovering, retired from the Education department, and his wife, Marge. They spend the winter in Beverly Hills, Florida.

– Ron Tourgee, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science

Fan Mail for
Damian Grava '99

(a comment to the online edition of Keene State Today, Winter 2008 issue)

I still use the beautiful pitcher Damian gave me as a gift. Great to see he is still at it and doing well.

– Geoff Gilbert '88

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