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Today's Keene State
Each year we ask current students to tell us where they're from, why they chose Keene State, and what they want to do after graduation. Here's a glimpse into the busy lives of today's students.
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Geof Ness photo by Julio Del Sesto '07
Geof Ness
  • Hometown: Rollinsford, N.H.
  • What I like about my major: The computer industry is ever changing and always providing me with new challenges.
  • Faculty mentor: Dr. Foster has always amazed me with the amount one person can know about an area of study.
  • Favorite website:
  • Activities: Student Body Vice President, KSC Jazz Ensemble, SAULBrothers Jazz Quintet
  • Things I do with my friends: Play pool
  • Favorite book: The Google Story
  • Favorite music: Glenn Miller Band
  • I'm proudest of: Running my own computer repair company
  • International Exchange: I will be going abroad to Scotland in Spring 2008!
  • I recommend KSC because: It is everything you could want in a small liberal arts college. It offers anything you can look for, from clubs to areas of study.
  • KSC has changed me in this way: KSC has strengthened my leadership skills and taught me how to take criticism, learn from my mistakes, and be a better person.
Jasmyne Nall photo by Mark Corliss
Jasmyne Nall
  • Hometown: Wentworth, N.H.
  • Major: Individualized, Behavioral Biology
  • What I like about my major: There are so many subfields (such as criminal justice and social disorders) that keep me interested.
  • Activities: Anthropology Club, Student Activities Council, and the Feminist Collective. I also have a job at the Olive Garden in Keene.
  • Things I do with my friends: Walk Main Street, get coffee at Brewbaker's, sit on the Quad, listen to music, and take the shuttle to Target!
  • The one thing I'm proudest of: Getting the Dean's scholarship
  • I recommend KSC because: It offers an amazing array of opportunities for the individuals who come to study here. Whatever you want to do with your life, Keene State has the resources to help you reach your goals.
  • Personal goal: Earn my master's degree.
  • KSC has changed me in this way: I've made so many new friends. My professors and academic advisor make me feel so empowered. I have definitely become more aware of myself mentally and physically since coming here.
  • I picked KSC because: When I was on my campus tour, I immediately saw people I knew, places that looked interesting, and clubs and classes that sounded great. I knew that I would fit in here perfectly.
Justin Sadzewicz photo by Mark Corliss
Justin Sadzewicz
  • Hometown: Salem, N.H.
  • Favorite class: Applied Trumpet with Jim Boccia
  • Activities: Student Government, tour guide, KSC Concert Band, KSC Jazz Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, NSCS, Leadership Com-munity Review team member.
  • Things I do with my friends: We like to hang out, go into town, have fun and just relax.
  • I picked KSC because: I chose KSC because the campus was bustling and people seemed to be enjoying themselves everywhere. I have never regretted attending this institution.
  • I recommend KSC because: It is a great liberal arts college and has a great campus. Student life is vibrant, and the professors care about us. There is something for everyone on campus to participate in and you will meet a lot of new people.
Steven Gonzalez photo by Mark Corliss
Steven Gonzalez
  • Hometown: Laconia, N.H.
  • Major: I am constructing my own major, which is an exciting process. I have interests in literature and writing, and hope to be-come a published author. I would also like to have cross-cultural/cross-gendered perspectives to draw upon in my works.
  • Activities: KSC Male A Capella Singers, president/founder; KSC Pride, secretary; KSC Anthropological Society; Gay-Straight Activists for Social Justice; Common Ground; Spanish Club
  • Things I do with my friends: Go for coffee and walks, watch movies, and play cards
  • Favorite book: Children of Dune
  • Favorite film: The Mothman Prophecies
  • Favorite music: Al Green
  • The one thing I'm proudest of: I'm proud to be the first in my family to attend college.
  • KSC has changed me in this way: Independence, freedom, adulthood, responsibility, time management, academic interest
  • I picked KSC because: It's a beautiful place in the heart of nature and not far away from home.
Christie Lee Wallace photo by Mark Corliss
Christie Lee Wallace
  • Hometown: Westbrook, Conn.
  • What I like about my major: My professors have been so dedicated and personable in my major. I have learned so much and be-come friends with so many of my teachers.
  • Activities: Teaching Assistant, tour guide, Tutor, Orientation Staff leader, peer advisor, field hockey team (freshmen year), NSTA vice president, Biology Club, Senior Facility Supervisor at Spaulding Gymnasium
  • Things I do with my friends: Watch our favorite television shows, make dinner, and eat together
  • Favorite book: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Favorite film: Bull Durham
  • Favorite music: John Mayer
  • Research project:I worked with Dr. Bergman with genetics and then conducted fruit fly research the second semester.
  • KSC has changed me in this way: Independence, freedom, adulthood, responsibility, time management, academic interest
  • The one thing I'm proudest of: My involvement with the Americorps program Breakthrough Collaborative. I taught middle school students biology, physical science, and technology.
Michael Grotton and Irissa Plouff photo by Mark Corliss
Michael Grotton ’09 and Irissa Plouff ’08 played crucial roles in the biodiesel team and presented their work in the creation of a community partnership for a closed loop biodiesel system at the 2008 KSC Academic Excellence Conference. The team traveled to Washington, D.C., where they won honorable mention in the national P3 sustainability competition sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Michael Grotton
  • Hometown: Swanzey, N.H.
  • What I like about my major: I like everything there is about my major. I like the work and I like the opportunities that I will have once I get out of school.
  • Co-curricular activities: Ice Hockey
  • Internship: Entergy Nuclear Power Plant
  • Favorite book: The Natural
  • Favorite film:
  • Favorite music:
  • Campus job:
  • Academic Excellence Conference: My independent study project about Bio Diesel was an absolutley great experience. I would suggest a special project to anyone who is up for the challenge. It definitely requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is awesome to look back and see how much work you have completed and how much you can accomplish in a semester.
Irissa Mary Plouff
  • Hometown: Enosburg Falls, Vt.
  • Mentor: Every professor I have come in contact with has been a mentor to me. I would especially like to thank Chris Langille.
  • Favorite professor:: Wayne Hartz
  • Activities: American Society of Safety Engineers Executive Board Secretary
  • Internship: VIA Cheese in Swanton, Vt.
  • Favorite book: My Sister’s Keeper
  • Favorite film: Love and Basketball
  • Favorite music: Tragically Hip
  • I'm proudest of: Being on the dean’s list
  • Things I do with my friends: Snowboard at Jay Peak, anything outdoors
  • I recommend KSC because: I would recommend Keene State to a friend based on all of the great people and the exceptional education I’ve had.
Danielle Graveley photo by Mark Corliss
Danielle Graveley
  • Hometown: Schenectady, N.Y.
  • Major: Health Promotion and Fitness
  • What I like about my major: There is always something new and interesting to learn.
  • Favorite professor: Chris Miles
  • Activities: Women's Basketball team, organization of wellness leaders, student athletic committee, bodyworks staff.
  • KSC has changed me in this way: This school has challenged me, forced me to work hard for everything I wanted, and made me a better person.
  • I picked KSC because: The KSC campus here is so inviting and the people are very welcoming. I've never felt more comfortable.

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