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Today’s Keene State
Current students tell us about their lives, their dreams, and even their favorite books and music.

George Thompson photo by Ann Card
George Thompson
Hometown: Deerfield, N.H.
Major: Management
Residence Hall: Holloway Hall
What I like about my major: The knowledge gained about real life situations.
Mentor: Neal Pruchansky is one of the great professors of his time. He teaches students in a way that is beneficial for them, and he genuinely seeks to help students as best he can.
Favorite class: Small Business Institute
Favorite website:
Favorite book: Ishmael

Co-curricular activities: Resident Assistant, S.P.A.C.E. Committee, Habitat for Humanity

Katelin Tolman photo by Ann Card
Katelin Tolman
Hometown: Raymond, N.H.
Major: Sociology
Favorite book: The Da Vinci Code
Favorite music: Gogol Bordello
International Travel: This summer I plan to take a two-week trip with 12 other student from KSC to Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.
I chose KSC because It offered the courses I was interested in, and I felt at home during my campus tour and orientation.
Career goals: Earn my Ph.D., and work internationally
KSC has changed me in this way: KSC has made me more independent and more responsible

I'm proudest of: Working toward a degree in a subject I love.

JJ Prior photo by Ann Card
JJ Prior
Hometown: Weymouth, Mass.
Major: Elementary Education, because I enjoy working with children and seeing how the young mind develops.
Activities: Photography editor of The Equinox, cross-country, Alternative Spring Break
I'm proudest of: Living on my own and managing my life
Favorite book: Once a Runner
Favorite film: A Beautiful Mind
Favorite music: U2, Counting Crows
I want to become: A sixth-grade teacher and work with youth as a running coach. I would also like to continue pursuing photography as a hobby.
I picked KSC because: KSC is a great fit for me. It's small enough that I can make a name for myself in the campus community, but large enough that this feels like a significant accomplishment. The city is great; I love the Main Street downtown and the community events like Pumpkin Festival.
KSC has changed me in this way: I've just been able to be more me!

I want to become:
A sixth-grade teacher and work with youth as a running coach. I would also like to continue pursuing photography as a hobby.

Sarah Paleafei photo by Ann Card
Sarah Paleafei
Hometown: Mapleton, Maine
Major: Film Studies, Production
What I like about my major: I love how film allows me to dream, to do anything with no limitations.
Mentor: My hope is that someday I may get the chance to change someone's life as much as Lance Levesque has changed mine.
Favorite website:
Favorite book: Tuesdays with Morrie
Favorite film: Whale Rider
Favorite music: Melissa Etheridge or Dashboard Confessional
Scholarship or grant: KSC Film Studies Grant this past summer.
KSC has changed me in this way: KSC has been the backdrop for the things I've learned, life-long friendships I've developed, and an environment in which to become the person I am today.

What I like about my major: I love how film allows me to dream, to do anything with no limitations.

Holly Bradford photo by Julio Del Sesto
Holly Bradford
Hometown: Peterborough, N.H.
Major: Studio Art
What I like about my major: I love using and exploring color and line. Coming up with an idea and seeing it develop onto paper or into a sculptural form!
Activities: Music and outdoor activities (like climbing and kayaking)
Favorite book: Lost in Mongolia
Favorite music: The Grift
KSC has changed me in this way: The people I've met at KSC have changed me. I've made some awesome friends I know I'll have for life. The classes and teachers I've had have really opened my eyes to the different things I can do with my art and my life.

I picked KSC because: KSC is a well-rounded liberal arts college.
Daniel Bard photo by Ann Card
Daniel Bard
Hometown: Red Hook, N.Y.
Major: Math/Physics
Favorite class: Geometry with Professor Johnson
My goal: Receive my B.S. in Civil Engineering and work toward a Ph.D.
Academic Excellence Conference: "Basic Modeling of Groundwater Contamination," demonstrating the application of mathematical techniques to a real-world problem.

Activities: Math Club, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Education Honor Society

John Gibbons photo by Julio Del Sesto
John Gibbons
Hometown: Bethany, Conn.
Major: Biology
Like about major: Hands-on learning and practical use
Favorite class: Evolution – Earth and Life
Favorite book: The Selfish Gene
The one thing I'm proudest of: Independent research
I chose KSC because: The small class size and student to professor ratio
Personal and career goals: Research
Academic Excellence Conference: Maternal behavior in mice, with faculty sponsor Dr. Karen Cangialosi, and population genetics of Polygala paucifolia, with faculty sponsor Dr. Kristen Porter-Utley.

Undergraduate research grant: To study Polygala paucifolia, a plant that flowers both above and below the ground.

Athanasios Dikos photo by Peter Finger
Athanasios Dikos
Hometown: Merrimack, N.H.
Major: Piano Performance
What I like about my major: It allows me to make my hobby a career.
Scholarship: Academic Talent Scholarship
I picked KSC because: My high school piano teacher recommended it.
I want to become: A professional pianist

Mentor: George Loring offers me good direction and I know he cares about me and I can count on him for help.

Allison Goldberg photo by Julio Del Sesto
Allison Goldberg
Hometown: Ridgefield, Conn
Major: Sociology
What I like about my major: Interacting with different people and learning about new cultures.
Favorite class: Nutrition with Tom Richards and Intro to Art with Henry Freedman
Activities: Secretary of the KSC Outing Club
Favorite book: Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins
Favorite music: Keller Williams
Exchange program: Spring '07 Andalusia, Spain (hopefully!)
I picked KSC because: It just felt right.
My goal: To save the world from itself.
I wrote my application essay about: I explained how it was impossible for free will to exist.

Things I do with my friends: Hike Mount Monadnock, eat at Armadillo's (sweet potato burrito with pinto beans), go to the Colonial, play in the snow

Dominic DiBenedetto photo by Peter Finger
Dominic DiBenedetto
Major: English
Favorite class: Frankenstein and Other Creatures
Activities: Social Activities Council, Mentors in Violence Prevention, a cappella group
Things I do with my friends: Watch movies, go to SAC events, play board games in the lounge, walk around town.
International Exchange: I studied in Wolverhampton, England, in spring '06.
I want to become: A college professor.

Service Learning: I work with a 6th grade reading class at the Keene Middle School.