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Voice Mail Quick Reference

Each on campus student is assigned a VMB with their phone number.

To access/check messages on the VMB: Dial 8-7777, you will be prompted to enter your mailbox number followed by the # key. (Your mailbox number is the last 5 digits of your assigned phone number eg: 9-2222). Next you will enter your password followed by the # key. The first time you access your VMB your password is the same as your 5 digit phone number; you will have to change your password after that.

  Main Commands Message Commands Mailbox Commands
Skip Backward 1 Reply 71 Login 81
Play 2 Play Envelope 72 Greetings 82
Skip Forward 3 Forward 73 Log Off 83
Previous Message 4 Reply All 74 Password Change 84
Record 5 Compose 75 Distribution Lists 85
Next Message 6 Delete/Restore 76 Go to a Message 86
Message Commands 7 Send 79 Personal Verification 89
Mailbox Commands 8 Message Help 7* Mailbox Help 8*
Call Sender 9 Message Options 70 Mailbox Options 80
Help * Cancel/Exit 7# Cancel/Exit 8#
Attendant/Thru Dial 0
Stop/Exit #

Students: All read voice messages are deleted after 4 days!

For complete Voice Mail instructions, click here.


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