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Student Long Distance Rates

Domestic Rates (Including Canada)

Our long distance service carrier is Paetec.

Times Rates
All times 7.9ยข per min.
Directory Assistance All times - per call
$1.25 for local directory assistance and $1.99 for long distance

International Rates
Rates for placing calls to international locations vary depending on the country called, time of day, and call duration. For information on international rates visit Paetec Campuslink.

Important:Keene State College is your telephone company for both Local, Long Distance, and International telephone services.

If you do choose to set up a calling card account with an alternate vendor for your long distance calls, you CANNOT use a Keene State College telephone number as your billing number. You need to ask them for a Direct Billed Account in which all charges are billed directly to your name and address, not to your telephone number. Keene State College cannot be the responsible billing party. If charges appear on the Keene College Long Distance Bill relative to your calling card or because you have tried to order a low rate service, you will be billed for the calls and you will be charged a $15 processing fee for each occurrence.


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