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PaeTec Services

Long Distance Billing You have the option to pay your bills via the web at:
  • Or by contacting PAETEC's Customer Service at 1-800-962-4772
  • From on Campus   You must dial 8-6700
    (Do NOT dial 358-6700! It is a private residence!)
Checking Your LD account
  • Have your 11-digit account number (given to you along with your Personal Billing Number [PBN] when you became a student at KSC) and PBN on hand to access your account information at
Credit Limits
  • Currently $150. If you go over this amount your PBN will be deactivated until you pay your balance.

Long distance questions, comments? Call Paetec Customer Service at 1-800-962-4772 (8-6700 from any on campus extension).


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