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Personal Billing Numbers (PBN) for Faculty & Staff

(Formerly called the Authorization Code)

Faculty and staff who were previously issued an Authorization Code will keep that number for long-distance calls. For billing and communication purposes, however, that number will now be referred to as your Personal Billing Number (PBN).

A PBN allows you to make billable calls from any phone on campus and have them charged to your Paetec Long Distance Billing account. DO NOT LEND YOUR PBN TO, OR SHARE YOUR PBN WITH, ANYONE. THIS INCLUDES YOUR COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS. Keep this number confidential at all times! You are responsible for ALL calls made with your PBN.

Treat your PBN like you would a credit card. It is highly recommended that you memorize this number as you would a telephone number and dispose of the form by shredding it.

In most cases, you will keep the same PBN throughout your time at KSC. Once you leave Keene State College, your PBN is canceled. Occasionally your budget manager may ask you to change your number, especially if the PBN's confidentiality has been compromised.

Getting Your PBN Your budget manager will ask the IT Group to assign a PBN for you.
Budget Managers Requests for new PBNs must come directly from the budget manager, not the employee. To request a PBN, please complete a PBN Request Form. Once the PBN has been assigned by our vendor, we will email the code to the budget manager and/or budget administrative assistant.
Using Your PBN If you make a toll call you will be asked to enter your PBN. Please wait for the tone before entering your code. Press the # sign when done entering. See the Dialing Instructions for how to do this.

Personal Billing Number (PBN) Troubleshooting
If your PBN is not working you should first check with your Budget Manager to ensure that it should still be active. Then you should contact the HelpDesk at 603-358-2532.


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