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Ordering Telephone Equipment

Network & Telecommunication Services offer a variety of telephones for Keene State College faculty and staff. Below is a list of phones that may be ordered for your office. Click on the link for a complete description of the phone and its features.

Our previous phones have been discontinued by the vendor so you will see that these phones are different from what we have had. We are also now ordering the phones in black. See the Criteria section if you have questions about which phone to order.

Once you know which model you will be ordering you may use your Purchasing Card to buy the phone. Our current preferred vendor for phones is IPC - Integration Partners Corp. You may contact them at: There are other sites to order phones, but they must be one of the models listed below.

Once the new phone has arrived, contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532. They will log a call to have a technician configure your line for the new phone. Include the model of phone you ordered in your information.

Please note that all phones are covered under a maintenance contract; therefore, if a phone needs repair or needs to be replaced that will be done at no charge. You should only need to buy a new phone if you are adding a new line or if you want the advantage of the features on the new models.

Selecting the Correct Phone Set

This guide will assist you in selecting the correct model of telephone for your use based on the features and capabilities of the different models. See the handbook link at the bottom for directions on functions.


  1. Model 3902 (replaces M2006) is the standard single line telephone set for office use. Most faculty and staff will have this telephone on their desk.
  2. Model 3903 (replaces M2008) is a multi-line telephone set for office use. Department chairs and administrative assistants may require this set.
  3. Model 3904 (replaces M2616) is a multi-line set for answering more than one station or phone number. This telephone will generally be used by receptionists, administrative assistants, and central answering positions.

The M3902, M3903, M3904 all have these basic phone features:

  1. Caller ID
  2. Message waiting
  3. Two-way speaker
  4. Selectable Ring Pattern
  5. Hold
  6. Call Pickup (optional)
  7. Mute
  8. Transfer
  9. Conference
  10. Speed Dials (see special features for more information)

Select the situation that best describes your needs within each of the categories.

Line Needs
  1. Single line on a person's desk. - M3902
  2. Single line not on a person's desk, speakerphone needs. - M3902
  3. Multi-line telephone for 1-4 lines. -M3903
  4. Multi-line telephone for 1-12 lines. - M3904
  5. For more than 12 lines or appearances. - M3904 with an add-on module

Note: On the M3903 and M3904 only half of the line buttons appear on the telephone at a time. A shift button allows you to move to the next set. However, when a call comes in for a line not in the current display, the message "shift to answer" will appear in the display. The M3903 and M3904 buttons for multiple lines and appearances can also be used as auto dial (one-button speed dials).

Speed dials
  1. You do not require more than 10 speed dials. - M3902/M3903
  2. You need to log the last 10 incoming call numbers. - M3903
  3. You do not need to have a speed list that has names. - M3902/M3903
  4. You require a directory of up to 100 names for speed dialing. - M3904
  5. You need to log up to 100 incoming call numbers. - M3904

Note: The M3902 and M3903 allow for speed dials from a call list named 0-9. This list associates speed dials by the designated number found in the speed dial directory. There are no one button speed dials. The M3904 has a directory function with up to 100 names. This list associates speed dials by the name found in the directory. The unused buttons from the multi-line feature can be used as auto dial (one button speed dials). The call log is where the caller ID information is stored about incoming calls, you can recall the last 10/100 numbers and dial from this list.

Intercom - Double digit calling to departmental group
  1. You call others in your department by calling their extension. - M3902
  2. You need to reach person(s) in your department frequently by use of a "break-in" over the speaker or through use of two digit dialing instead of calling by extension. - M3903/M3904

Handbook for all models listed above.


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