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Tidbits & Troubleshooting Tips

1. Can I use my Meridian Phone at home?

No. Meridian Phones can only be used in buildings that are wired for Meridian telephone equipment. These phones require a digital outlet and will not work in your telephone outlet at home, since it an analog line.

2. How long does it take to get new phone service?

Most requests are completed within five to ten business days.

3. Can I have my phone ring turned off?

You can adjust the volume of the handset or the speaker, and the volume level of the ringing on the telephone. You can also temporarily forward your calls to Voicemail using your Call Forward button so your phone doesn't ring. For those of you with the appearance of someone else's phone extension on your phone, you may have the ring for that line turned off. Just call the HelpDesk at 603-358-2532.

4. Can I move my own phone?

No. If you need to move your phone, either to another phone jack in your office or to another office, you must call the HelpDesk at 603-358-2532 as wires in the Switchroom must be moved.

5. Can we reach a vendor on a 900 number?

At Keene State College 900 numbers and some other pay-per-use exchanges are blocked.

6. Are all 800 number calls free?

Some 800 number calls are tied to 900 number calls and may be billed to the calling party. When we are aware of these calls, we will block them.

7. Can I restrict calls to certain areas?

Yes. The Meridian system offers allows four standard calling areas:

  • On campus, outgoing only (e.g. the lobby phones in Elliot Hall).
  • On campus, incoming and outgoing.
  • Campus and local Keene exchanges.
  • Domestic USA and International - authorization code or credit card must be used.

8. Why do I have two outlets in the jack?

In general, the second outlet is a data port. You may be connected to the campus computer this way. It must be activated by a Computer Support Technician. For assistance, call the HelpDesk at 603-358-2532.


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