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Faculty/Staff Dialing Instructions

On Campus Dialing Instructions

Dial 5 for an outside line
Dial 911 for Emergencies (without the 5)
Dial 8-8000 for the Voice Recognition Directory
Dial 358-8000 for the Voice Recognition Directory from off campus
Dial 8-7000 for Keypad Name Dialing
Dial 358-7000 for Keypad from off campus

On Campus Numbers

Faculty/Staff: Dial 8 + the four digit extension e.g. 8-2237
Students: Dial 9 + the four digit extension e.g. 9-2237

Dialing Local Calls

(See the below for a list of local exchanges)

Dial 5 + the seven digit number e.g. 5-358-2237

Dialing Long Distance Calls

Long Distance Out-of-State
Dial 5, 1, area code, number - At the tone, dial your PBN
Example: 5-1-617-622-1873 (Listen for TONE) 345678

Long Distance In-State
Dial 5 + the seven digit number. At the TONE dial your PBN
Example: 5-1-508-555-1234 (Listen for TONE) 234567

Dial 5 + 011 + the country code + the phone number (generally a city code + local number). At the TONE dial your PBN
Example: 5-011-41-79-243-4445 (Listen for TONE) 234567

Dialing a KSC Number from Off Campus

Dialing a KSC number from Local Off-Campus
Dial 358 and 4-digit number for faculty and staff
Dial 439 and 4-digit number for students

Dialing a KSC number from Long Distance Off-Campus
Dial 603-358 and 4-digit numberfor faculty and staff
Dial 603-439-and 4-digit number for students

Exchanges (NXXS) Local to Keene
209 313 363 563 756 852
239 338 399 574 757 876
242 354 439 585 762 908
256 355 441 592 827 917
283 357 446 614 835
307 358 499 719 847

Alstead Dublin Fitzwilliam Harrisville
Marlborough Marlow Munsonville Winchester
Nelson Spofford Sullivan Swanzey
Troy Walpole West Chesterfield Westmoreland

Dialing from a FAX Machine

Know where the PAUSE button is on your FAX because you will need it to dial out.

Follow the above instructions for local, local long-distance and out-of-state long distance depending on the number you are dialing.

Dial 5 + 1 + Area Code + seven digit number - PUSH THE PAUSE KEY 2 TIMES - Enter your PBN - Press Start.

Example: 5+1+508+555-1234 - pause, pause - 234567- START.

PLEASE NOTE: Dialing 16 before your code and the number no longer works for making long distance calls.

Dialing with a Calling Card
If you chose to set up a calling card account with an alternate vendor for your long distance calls, you CANNOT use a Keene State College telephone number as your billing number. You need to ask for a Direct Billed Account to which all charges are billed directly to your name and address, not to your telephone number. Keene State College cannot be the responsible billing party. If charges appear on the Keene College Long Distance Bill relative to your calling card, you will be billed for the calls and you will be charged a $15 processing fee.

Dial 5 and the 800 number for the service you are using e.g. 5-1-800-225-5288 (AT&T)

Dialing Directory Assistance
$1.25 for local directory assistance and $1.99 for long distance
Be Aware: using a Calling Card to dial DA has been known to cost as much as $5.00 per call!!

Why not try one of the Internet Directories instead!

Local 5 + 555-1212
Long Distance 5 + 1 + area code + 555-1212
800 Directory Assistance 5 + 1 + 800 + 555-1212

Campus Directory

To find the number of a student, faculty member or staff employee on campus:


Or call the Voice Recognition Directory at 358-8000 (On campus dial 8-8000)

Personal Billing Number (PBN)

A PBN (formerly called the authorization code) allows you to make billable calls from any phone on campus and have the calls charged to your department. DO NOT LEND YOUR PBN TO, OR SHARE YOUR PBN WITH, ANYONE. THIS INCLUDES YOUR FRIENDS, Co-WORKERS and PEERS. Keep this number confidential at all times! You are responsible for ALL calls made with your PBN.

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