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As of March 1, 2006

In an effort to proactively maintain Keene State College Emergency/Elevator/Entry Phones (E E E) the following process has been agreed upon by the Department of Campus Safety (DCS), the Residential Life Office (RLO), and the Information Technology Group Telecommunications Office (ITG Telecom).


Each installed phone will be checked for working status a minimum of once a month. All E-E-E phones will have been tested no less than 3 weeks before Fall Startup to give enough time to repair any non working phones before students arrive on campus.

  • DCS will check all Elevator and all indoor and outdoor "Blue Light" phones.
    • Phones may be randomly tested.
    • Only 25% of phones will be tested any one week. This allows that Telecom will not get a large "cluster" of phones to be repaired all at once.
  • RLO Residential Directors (RDs) will check the Entry phones ("pizza" phones) of the Res Hall(s) for which they are responsible.
    • When checking, they will dial DCS at 8 2228 and DCS will record in the database that the phone has been checked.
    • If the phone does not work, the RD will use the web form on the Telecom website as soon as possible to report the phone as out of service.
  • The IT Group will be responsible for checking Entry phones from June to August.

Web form to report any EEE phone issues:


DCS and RLO are responsible for logging all problems regarding E E E phones to the IT Group Helpdesk or to the electricians as noted below.

Problems to be reported to the Electricians:
The DCS contact or RLO RD reporting the need for repair will use the web form mentioned above to report the problem. In the event that the web form is not accessible, the contact will call or email the electricians with the location of the phone and the electrical problem observed.

  • All problems with the light associated with the Bluelight phone:
    • Light does not come on when phone activated
    • Light does not flash when phone activated
    • Other problem with light

Problems to be reported to the ITG Helpdesk:
The DCS contact or RLO RD reporting the need for repair will use the web form mentioned above to report the problem. In the event that the web form is not accessible, the contact will call or email the ITG Helpdesk with the location and the phone number of the phone, the problem observed, and a status of whether or not the phone is at all useable.
  • List of problems to check for:
    • No dial tone
    • Static or other noise
    • Caller cannot be heard
    • Called person cannot be heard
    • Dial pad does not work correctly
    • On combo phones: either the "Big Button" or the dial pad does not work

In either of the above instances, if the web form is not accessible and RLO is making the report, please copy the report to DCS so that they may log it in the EEE database.

Telecom will be responsible for all E E E phone repairs.

  • Once the call has been logged in the HEAT database, Telecom will review the problem within one working day
  • Telecom will replace broken phone or fix phone line from the PBX ASAP
  • If there is no working phone to replace a broken one, they will do so within 10 working days to allow needed time to send out for repair or wait for repaired phones to return.
  • Telecom will document repairs in shared database.
  • Telecom will keep a reasonable inventory of each phone type on hand for instant swap

Tracking Phone Checks
DCS will maintain a database of all locations of E E E phones.
  • List of items in database to be filled on checking status of phone
    • Person who checked the phone
    • Date checked
    • Indication of phone working or not working
    • If phone not working, indication that problem was reported to the Helpdesk
    • If light not working, indication that problem was reported to electricians
  • Database will reside on the network where both DCS and Telecom will have access and so that either or both may update it.

Other responsibilities:


New locations:

  • If the new location is due to a new building project, the project will buy the phones and all necessary boxes or stanchions and install them. See "KSC Wiring Standards" document for standards.
  • If the new location is due to a request from a department on campus, that department is responsible for purchasing and installing that phone and necessary boxes or stanchions.
    • KSC electricians will install these.
    • ITG Telecom will assist in coordinating the install.

New phone as replacement to broken or discontinued models:

  • If the phone is a keypad style "courtesy" or entry phone, the department that is responsible for that location will buy the new phone.
  • If the phone is an emergency only phone, with one button to dial to DCS, Telecom will buy the new phone.


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