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Keene State College has approximately 2,500 telephone lines in use. The telecommunications switch and number of telephone lines is bigger and more active than most towns in Vermont and New Hampshire. Services include telephone service for on-campus offices and residence halls, operator services via voice recognition system, and repair services for phone cabling and phone sets. In an average month the voice recognition system connects over 55,000 calls.

The telecommunication industry changes every day with regard to pricing, hardware, standards, and vendor services. The "premium" services from 5 years ago are now the "basic" services of today. There are also the issues of "convergence" - voice, video, data are now converging into the same networks. We try to provide these "basic" services to campus while keeping an eye on the horizon. The telecommunications services staff are involved in USNH initiatives for cellular telephony services and state-wide-connectivity issues for staff, faculty, and students.


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