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spacer spacer Uninstalling Software for Windows Operating Systems

  1. Know which anti-virus software you have so you can find it in the program menu later. The most common anti-virus software is made by McAfee, Norton or Symantec, but there are plenty of anti-virus software packages available.
  2. Go to Start-->Control Panel
  3. Click on the icon for Add/Remove Programs to open up a list of software on your computer.
  4. Find the software you want to remove and click on it. In this case you would look for software with the anti-virus company name in it, such as McAfee, Norton or Symantec.
  5. Click on the change/remove button to the right and follow the on-screen prompts to remove the software, answer yes to all of the questions that come up.
  6. Restart your computer once the uninstall is complete.


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