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Distributing copyrighted materials without a license is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Furthermore, engaging in illegal activities can have legal and financial consequences and these burdens rest entirely on the shoulders of the individual identified by the RIAA.

Recently, the RIAA has engaged in a new process whereby they will allow individuals they claim to have illegally uploaded or downloaded copyrighted works the opportunity to settle potential claims before they initiate formal legal proceedings. These notices are communicated via a 'pre-litigation settlement' letter and you can view a sample letter here.

Despite our efforts, illegal file sharing continues to occur on our network. When KSC receives information from the RIAA, the college will forward the notifications to the users on the network whom the RIAA alleges has engaged in these activities. The person's identity will not be provided by the College unless a subpoena for that information has been issued. Once again, KSC does not monitor content on our network and is not a party to this process.

Visit our Security website for more information on how to avoid copyright infringement.


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