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Procedure for network users
Without a direct affiliation to
Keene State College

This procedure outlines the requirements and procedures for acquiring and approving NetIDs and gaining KSC LAN access for individuals without a direct affiliation with KSC. Some examples of affiliated individuals are students, faculty, staff, employee contractors or vendors. Non affiliated users include but are not limited to, partners, spouses or family members of KSC affiliated individuals.

The following applies to these users:
  • Each non affiliated user will be assigned a unique KSC NetID in the Active Directory.
  • The affiliated individual requests the NetID(s) with the Non KSC Affiliated Network User Request Form.
  • Approval of the NetID(s) comes from the sponsoring KSC Department, i.e. the department with which the KSC affiliated individual is associated, e.g. NetIDs for Resident Directors' partners, spouses, and family member approvals come from ResLife. Vendors are sponsored by the hiring department.
  • The NetIDs are active until the affiliated individual is no longer associated with KSC or the non affiliated user's relationship with the affiliated individual ends. All these NetIDs will have specific activate and deactivate dates based on the affiliate's relationships. These dates must be defined by the sponsoring KSC department, no open ended deactivate dates will be acceptable.
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsoring KSC department to notify the IT group of any changes in the non affiliated users that affect their NetID status.
  • The NetIDs for the non affiliated user will be renewed at times the affiliated user association with KSC is renewed/reviewed. A new Non KSC Affiliated Network User Request Form must be completed for renewing or adding new non affiliated users.
  • The non affiliated user must read and agree to abide by the KSC Computer Network User Policy, with the exception of minor children. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to explain the KSC Computer Network Use Policy to minor children with KSC NetIDs. The affiliated user takes full responsibility for network/computer activity of all minor children for whom they requested a NetID.
  • Non affiliated users using computers not managed by KSC must download a policy key and register the computer on the residential or wireless network.
  • Non KSC affiliated users must use their assigned NetID whenever operating a computer on the KSC LAN. On multi-users systems, it is important to follow this rule.

As outlined in the CNUP, KSC defines appropriate and acceptable use for computer and network use and takes action when network user violates the CNUP.


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