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As a user of KSC IT resources you are responsible for activity when your account and/or computing devices are used. All activity with or without your knowledge performed while you or someone else is using your assigned account or using your computer while it is connected to the KSC LAN is your responsibility.

There a many steps users can take to help securely manage their accounts and computers. Outlined below are two categories, one for CNUP policies and one for best practices:

CNUP polices

Best Practice
  • Change you password periodically

Respect Privacy and Security of Users, Systems and Data

Unless information, computing resources or IT resources are explicitly made public or accessible to you, everything on the network is private. This includes, but is not limited to, intentional or unintentional use of malware, software utilities, computing devices, etc. that are specifically designed to gain unauthorized access or enabling unauthorized access to data, systems, computing devices and the network, or to interfere and disrupt normal network and computer performance and functionality.

Security lapses, network or system configuration flaws, hardware and software vulnerabilities and user carelessness potentially expose IT resources, personal data, and individual or college owned systems. Accessing them without proper authorization is in violation of this policy and may also violate other college, USNH policies and/or local, state and federal laws.


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