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spacer spacer How to Create Complex Passwords

Strong passwords are those that are difficult to guess and are difficult to crack using widely available software. Here are some techniques for building a strong and memorable password.

  • Two or three unrelated short words connected with a special character, e.g. Ugly%Duck
  • Chose a word and substitute special characters and/or numbers for some letters, e.g. impossible = Im%o$$Ible
  • Chose a line from a song or poem and use first letter of each word with some various capitalization pattern, e.g. Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away = @YaMtSoFa$
  • Phonetically spell or misspell two or three words, e.g. Polece$chaZ
  • Make your password at least 8 characters in length. Longer passwords are more difficult to hack.
  • Don't use any part of your actual name or the user name you use to log in to your account
  • Make sure you include different characters when creating a password. Try to fit all four types:
    • Lower case a-z
    • Upper case A-Z
    • Numbers 0-9
    • Special characters, e.g. $#@!%^&()+-

Other Tips
Pay attention to general state of your account and/or system. If something has changed or appears different, change your password and investigate the situation.

Try to remember that your account/password is your responsibility, and any activity performed while you or someone else has logged in with them is your responsibility.

Examples of complex passwords:

  • Wwe&nadtd
  • w3KfOr3691
  • mkrB8g$p

I know what you're thinking: "Wait a minute - How am I supposed to remember that?"


  • Take a phrase that is easy for you to remember and convert it into characters.
  • It could be the first line of a poem or a song lyric.
  • "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink" (Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner) converts to Wwe&nadtd.
  • “We Three Kings from Orient Are” converts to w3KfOr3691.
    (3691 is the year 1963 spelled backward to extend beyond eight characters.)

How to Change your Net ID Password


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