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The following describes the KSC ITG Wireless Network service model is as well as associated charges and process for getting wireless network service in your department.

Our wireless strategy has been one of a gradual rollout starting with large common gathering areas such as library, dining hall, student center, etc. and exploration of small classrooms. Today, there are wireless zones in the Student Center, Zorn Dining Commons, Rhodes Hall, Library, and the Recreation Center. Additionally, as new resident halls are built wireless is deployed in the common areas: Pondside3, Butler Court and Fiske all have wireless access in common areas and wired in rooms. To ensure a maintainable and supportable wireless network we will deploy new wireless service within these established guidelines. Any requests for wireless services outside these guidelines will most likely not be approved. To further ensure a robust wireless network that is built to the needs of KSC, in FY 2009 we will be performing a study to determine the appropriate future of wireless service on KSC with participation from each major constituency.

Wireless network connection for LAN access (Faculty/Staff) and Internet (all users). Capacity and performance needs for a given area will be determined jointly between ITG and requesting department. All wireless service installed on the KSC network will be managed by KSC ITG and will be available to any users with a valid KSC NetID. Wireless networking on KSC is for convenience or supplementary to, not a replacement for, wired connections for academic and administrative use. It will not provide nor be supported as a replacement for all office applications and services available on the wired network. Requests to extend the functionality will be considered as future enhancements to the wireless network.

For new installations, a Budget Manager submits a request with the Director of Telecommunications. Departments incur the cost of initial installations. Departmental needs are determined jointly between the requesting department and ITG Network Services to ensure the system will be built as needed and the cost incurred is inline with the department's ability.

Support Responsibilities:
All access point configuration, maintenance, upgrades, security, etc will be handled by ITG Network Services as part of the service paid for under the wireless costing model. General user support for end user device configuration, login, and basic troubleshooting to ensure users wireless equipment and configuration is working properly will be provided by the ITG help desk. Advanced troubleshooting of the wireless system after user equipment and configuration is proven good is escalated by the HelpDesk to internal ITG resources as appropriate.


Recurring Charges:
There is a monthly fee for each installed access point in addition to the wired Ethernet port that is required. See KSC, ITG Telecommunications Charge Back Model for more information.

Initial Installation:
This will be paid by department with project managed and configurations approved by KSC network department. The amount will be direct charge at cost of the complete project to install. ITG time will not be charged for. Staff resources are an option for small installations (1-3 APs) and if possible KSC staff will be used to conserve costs to the department. For medium & large installations, outside engineers will be used to guarantee acceptable performance. Project timing will need to coincide with available resources and can be determined once initial discussions are had between requesting department and ITG. The department will absorb the cost of the outside engineers as part of the complete project.

Recurring Upgrades/Repairs:
All recurring costs incurred for the maintenance and upgrade of the wireless network equipment (access point, security devices, service contracts, etc) will be paid by KSC network department covered through the wireless funding model. The funding model anticipates the potential to upgrade Access Points every 3 years. Upgrades will only occur at 3 years if it is determined a reasonable increase in service can be realized. If not upgraded at 3 years, an annual review will be done until they are upgraded.

Costs for upgrade or maintenance of end user wireless devices (e.g. built in or add-on wireless cards in laptops, etc) is personal or departmental responsibility.

For general questions on wireless networking on KSC contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532. For specific questions on the Wireless Network charge backs or potential installation project contact the Director of Telecommunications.


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