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It is the responsibility of the IT Group Network Services team to ensure that hackers, computer viruses, and malware don't infect any of the computers and servers on the campus network. Network Services has applied a firewall rule set to keep the systems protected against unauthorized/malicious access, and applied rule exceptions to keep administrative systems available to those who need them.

Administrative computer systems are:
  • Servers managed by a department of the IT Group that offer a specified service, such as the Exchange system offering campus email or the Keene State College web presence
  • Servers not managed by the IT Group offering a specific service for a business unit or academic department
How the Firewall Rule Set works

The firewall rule set for the Keene State College (KSC) Local Area Network (LAN) is applied to all systems in the administrative network and, by default, prevents unsolicited/malicious access from the Internet to our LAN. Rule exceptions allow Network Services to specify authorization for users outside the KSC LAN who need access to the administrative system, and help to ensure access to KSC LAN systems which are intentionally installed and configured to offer a service essential to the KSC academic mission or business function.

Rule exceptions exist for Blackboard,, and the e-mail servers because these are systems that faculty, staff, and students need access to at all times.

Request a Rule Exception

Systems requiring external access were identified during the 2006 implementation of the security enhancements, and exception rules were written for these systems. As the College grows, it is inevitable that other systems will be identified as needing external access to the KSC LAN. Users are required to request an exception to the implemented firewall rule set.

Remember: The IT Group offers a variety of security services that should cover departmental requests for LAN access. We are open to discuss any access request so a solution that best fits with the current network security architecture can be determined.

Please fill out an IP/rule exception form and mail to the HelpDesk (Mailstop 2615) to request an exception.

Requesting a rule exception allows Network Services to maintain the security environment established for administrative systems and the KSC LAN. A rule exception will also ensure that the users who need access to the system will have it when they need it. With the rule set and exceptions in place, the entire campus community can rely on effective network operation for the every day work environment essential to the College.


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