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Because it affects departmental budgets, only Budget Managers or their "Designee" as listed with ITG Telecommunications may request a change to any telecommunication services charged to their respective Fund/Org. All requests must be sent to the IT HelpDesk at 8-2532.

Network Services and Telecom are responsible for maintaining all telecom, data and CATV connections, also known as drops or jacks, for campus. This includes connections for HVAC, security, and any other existing or future devices that require connections to the data, phone, or CATV networks. In order to maintain a level of quality for these services it is necessary for Network and Telecom to maintain a detailed inventory of the drops. The inventory helps Network Services and Telecom to accurately bill campus departments for services.

Here is the process for requesting the activation, deactivate, or addition of a new data/phone line: This process applies to installation of any type of cable that will interconnect equipment for communications purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, CATV, Data, Voice, security and video.

  1. Requests for new drop(s) are to be sent from a Budget Manager to the IT Group HelpDesk. For special cases, such as renovation projects, contact Network, Telecom, or Media Services first to determine if a HelpDesk call should be generated.

  2. The appropriate IT Group department (Network, Telecom, Media) will follow the work order through to completion. This includes:
    • Survey with customer for needs
    • Ensure connection availability
    • Coordinate cable installation if needed
    • Complete connection for end user
    • Close assignment in work order system

  3. If MRO orders are placed directly from end users, Physical Plant should inform users that the IT Group HelpDesk must be called for new drops and closes their order.

Who is responsible for what:

Budget Manager or Assistant Budget Manager: Call IT Group HelpDesk for new drops rather than place directly into MRO system.

Other End Users: Contact your Budget Manager to request a move, addition or change to existing drops.

Physical Plant: Will redirect any customer requests for drops to ITG HelpDesk.

ITG HelpDesk: Field calls for new drops and place into appropriate queue.

ITG Network, Telecom and Media: Receive calls from the work order system and work with end user to determine departmental needs. If necessary, enter an MRO request with Physical Plant and record the move, addition or change in the inventory database. Finally, the department will let the customer know when the work order is complete.


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