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IT Plan

Executive Summary

The IT plan joins people and processes to ensure the enhancement of the shared foundation of technology services and infrastructure.

Furthermore, the IT Plan supports both institutional and individual initiatives and is responsive to developing trends in higher education. The initiatives and the process for assessing them can be found in the annual working plan. The working plan takes the college's budget constraints into realistic account and provides for ongoing campus discussions to align priorities and to identify funding sources.

The College Information Technology Committee (CITC) and the IT Group recognize that technology activities take place in departments and across divisions and that management and planning of technology are shared among many. Consequently, this plan considers IT activities universally and broadly as well as specifically focuses on the central IT Group functions.

    The IT Plan links campus technology resources and staff efforts to the College mission and strategic goals.

The two over-arching themes of this technology plan aim to fulfill essential initiatives and to assure quality services for the campus community. The first theme ensures that thoughtful consultation, collaboration, and understanding inform technology planning and lead to a shared vision. The second ensures the development of standards of technology service and performance.

Theme 1: Keene State College will create an Information Technology environment that is responsive to the college's service initiatives and mission-related goals.

Technology will further organizational integration and agility by developing coherence among technologies and the college's services.

Instructional technology will support programmatic effectiveness by providing services and resources for teaching and learning innovations.

Theme 2: As the college's central technology organization, the IT Group will: increase attention to manageability, speed, reliability, and security; improve training & support services; improve the tools & infrastructure; and sharpen customer service.


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