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Keynote Speaker: Pete Mockaitis You've probably heard older folks refer to today's generation of college students as the "entitlement generation." Maybe you find that label unfair and inaccurate. Or maybe it feels about right. Either way, it's easy to be misled that results come easily in the age of Zuckerberg, reality TV stars and Tim Ferriss's 4-hour body/workweek. In this eye opening keynote, Pete reveals how we've been deceived by pop culture and what to do about it. Pete provides a thought provoking ride from Jersey Shore to Farmville that resets our expectations. With hilarious stories, multmedia illustrations and insightful data, Pete destroys myths and spells out the real success factors required to achieve our dreams. In his keynote, 6-Figure Salaries and 6-Pack Abs: What our generation is really "entitled" to-and how to get it, Pete shows students: How marketing machines, internal bias and our upbringing all jerk our expectations out of line; The "glamorous" behind-the-scenes world of actors, dotcom millionaires and bankers/consultants; What kind of cash you can really expect to make when you graduate; Why winning still takes hard work; The five keys that differentiate those who dominate from those who drift You can rise above the myths to turn dreams into reality with Pete's formula for success. These timeless five steps empower you to turn dreams into plans-and plans into reality.



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