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Student Wireless Network at KSC

Keene State College is completely wireless.

Connect anytime – anywhere on the wireless network at Keene State College! KSC students can now stay connected at their convenience from their laptops and other wireless capable devices. Connect in the classroom, download assignments while hanging out in the Student Center, do project research from your room or check your email from any building anytime-anywhere! Keene State College is a completely wireless campus. It’s everywhere you need it!

Students should connect to the following networks:

KSC_Student - This is an unsecured network and fine for general web browsing

KSC_Secure - This is a secure network and should ALWAYS be used whenever sensitive information is transmitted (i.e. online banking, SSN, etc.) The secure wireless network protects the data being transmitted across it by encrypting the information.

Why should I use KSC_Secure?
The goal of a secure wireless network is to protect the data being transmitted across it by encrypting the information. Unencrypted wireless networks are inherently insecure because they transmit your information into the open air where anyone can attempt to receive it. Depending on what data and how it is being transmitted, you may or may not need the encryption provided by a secure wireless connection. It is a choice available to students. The secure encryption allows a user to send and receive confidential information across the wireless network. Most secure sites, like online banking and web sites that provide online purchasing are already secure. They encrypt your information over the Internet, so there is little need for the average student to use the secure wireless network. The secure wireless network connection will not protect you if you give out personal or confidential information to bad websites or through email.

How to connect to the wireless network:

Configure your computer for KSC Secure:

For assistance, please contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532 or stop by our office on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall.


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